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Update 7.23 Patchnotes
Wed Sep 21, 2016 2:34 pm
by nidefawl
You can now wear a hat while using /model (not all models are supported!)
Added a basic pickup item filter: /pickupfilter
Arena changes:
Its now more likely for a normal arena boss to spawn with a hat
Hats from arena bosses are now only given to players dealing at least 5% of the total damage
Super bosses now require at least 15 player to be online to spawn.
The more players are online, the more likely the next boss will be a superboss
Added WAILA info for the boss spawner

Added a Black Life Shard (reduces max health by one heart)
Flux/XP and Coins are now picked up instantly when no other player is nearby
Skeletons are more likely to spawn in the Nether and Nether biomes
The maximum size of partys has been increased to 32 (previously 16)
Night vision effect now works on the BSL shaders.
Tweaked the world renderer: Empty chunks and air chunks are now skipped faster when rendering
The world should now render/build up faster than before.
Tweaked modelrenderer: Added some optimization that could...
Update 7.22 Patchnotes
Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:38 pm
by nidefawl
Added two new mob heads: Ram Head, Pig Head (Sorry, still unobtainable)
Added a new crafting and item guide to the inventory (Question mark slot)
Diamond Blocks and Chests can now be used as a fuel on the disenchanter
Most mobs can wear hats now. Thats a creative/admin feature for now.
In creative you can press special interact on mobs while holding a hat
The command /tocoord can now be used by everyone in creative mode
Fixed WAILA info for a few blocks. Added special handling for display cases and armor stands
NPCs can now hold a book in the 6th slot. Righclicking the NPC will open that book.
Fixed Slowness potions causing rendering glitches (see Snowman...
Update 7.2 Patchnotes
Thu Sep 8, 2016 9:14 am
by nidefawl
Added back Shaders. Enjoy!
Added better leaves. Can be enabled in video options
Added falling leaves. Can be enabled in video options
Added tooltips for info about blocks you look at (WAILA). Can be disabled
Added a search item by name function to chests and other containers
Added extended item tooltips and an ingame editor for staff members
Added a new region flag: Anit-Snow, prevents snow layers from weather
Added a new highscore: Boss Gigaknights killed
Added a new highscore cape
Added a bunch of missing blocks to Mining and Excavation skill
Added /fasthoppertoggle command
Mining world now has more roots, autumn shrubs and other plants thruout...
AFK Grinding is allowed
Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:18 pm
by nidefawl
I cannot prevent. Please don't report when you find someone doing it.
It's unfair. But I can't prevent it (in general).
Thats it

Update: I will try to do something about it over the next few updates. But there won't be any more punishments. There is no need to report players. Feel free to report bugs tho.

For staff that means: You can't /tospawn. For players that means: Leave other players alone
Update 7.12 Patchnotes
Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:15 am
by nidefawl
You can now inspect other players inventory by pressing special interact on them
Improved the shop list: You can now search all items by their enchantments
Chest shops will update faster in the shop list now
Increased trade unlock cost on Villagers
Villagers now show the current trade as item in 3D so you can quickly identify them
OP Villagers now have a purple texture
Villagers stored in Spawn Eggs can now be inspected in the invenntory (shows tooltip with trades)
Villagers that have never been opened/rightclicked have a higher chance of despawning
Fixed a bug that that flagged all mobs and animals from resuable spawn eggs as natural spawned
Fixed party GUI...