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Update 6.2b Patchnotes
Sun May 17, 2015 6:03 pm
by nidefawl
- Bat spawners now also work above y 62
- Dead bushes can now be mined with silktouch
- Fixed commands getting send all lowercase to server
- The game-scoreboards now stays open for 10 seconds after a game ends
- Moved respawn button to middle of screen
- Fixed enter-key on respawn screen moving you to spawn world
- Fixed armor texture on slim model
- When using the relog-button you will no longer get left/joined messages
- When using the new vanilla portal you will no longer get left/joined messages
- Fixed a movement bug that prevented the player from walking over 1 block gaps when there is a block above you
This also fixes a few cases where you glitch into a block when moving

- Fixed players positions not getting re-synchronized with server when lying on ground dead
- Fixed players not always auto-respawning in quakecraft
- Fixed high bandwith usage when player position was resyncing with server (when pushing players out of blocks)
- You can no longer use enchantment-books on items when the...
Update 6.2 Patchnotes
Fri May 15, 2015 12:36 am
by nidefawl
- Updated the bukkit server to full 1.8, added back a lobby server
- You can now join the vanilla/bukkit server with the Craftland client
-> There is a portal in the spawn world to hop over
-> Its still in a beta phase. Please report all new bugs on the bugtracker
-> You can expect more small updates to make the integration even better and smoother

- The Mining world has been refreshed!
- The Mining world now generates with Prismarine (at lakes)
- The Mining world now generates with Igneous Rock (nether biomes, underneath lava)
- The Bow skill damage multiplier is now applied before enchantments (power)
This drastically reduces the maximum amount of damage arrows...
Ticket Shop Addition
Sun May 10, 2015 9:38 pm
by Arbr
Ticket Shop:
We Decided to update the Ticket Shop to provide more trades for everyone. Doing this allows players who have obtained Orange Staff Event Tickets to have some sort of use. This Ticket Shop will still have some further updates to it but for now the following are the new additions to the shop.

Hillary & Srout are new NPC's found at the /warp Ticket Shop. They were given some trade along with Suzan and Eddie getting more trades added.

Hillary's Trades:
- Tiny Bird Spawner
- Name Tag
- Chicken Head
- Cow Head
- Sheep Head
- Wolf Head
- Creeper Head
- Spider Head

Srout's Trades
- Trading Srout will allow you to convert your tickets into other color tickets...
Update 6.1B
Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:54 pm
by nickmcski
* Upgrades to the launcher
* Added Diamond and Gold Iron Golem
* Disable /tp and warp pads in the mining world when goldrush is active.
* Fixed an exploit with gold rush
* Fixed invisible players making noise/particles when walking
* Admins can spawn in unbreakable boats
* Large back-end update to the communication between the vanilla server and modded servers
* Added a /bungee command for helpers+ so they can moderate the vanilla servers from the modded server
* Fixed Obsidian Armour not rendering
* Fixed /reloadskin
* Fixed Middle Clicking slabs
* Made some plugins less likely to crash
* You now need to be able to build in a region to right click the dragon...
Update 6.1 Patchnotes
Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:46 pm
by nidefawl
Update 6.1 is here. Mining World got reset.
Brought PetRocks to life
New mobs: 'Eye of Ender' and 'Flesh Lich' will now spawn in your basement. WATCH OUT!
Buttons can now be placed on the ceiling and ground so you can stumble upon them.

Added a new ingame World Map (Work in progress). You can open it by setting up the keybinding in controls
Its is a server-side map that can show warps/mobs/waypoints/party members.
- The ReiMinimap options have a new option "Render Server Map": It will render additional parts of the map and send it to the server
This will use up some additional resources on your computer and some bandwith. Don't enable it if you...