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Update 7.3d Patchnotes
Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:46 pm
by nidefawl
- Mining World has been reset
- Added End Bricks
- All fishing stats have been reset (Just stats, Fishing skill is not affected)
- Added new fishing achievements
- Disabled the World Minimap in the nether.
- Fixed the Disenchanter XP value of Iron Bricks and some other items where you get multiple items as a result of crafting
Update 7.3c Patchnotes
Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:16 am
by nidefawl
- Mining world has been refreshed
- Blackberry and Raspberry bushes are more common now (Only generated y level 160 and higher before)
- Fixed some bosses/mobs running way to fast
- Fixed a bug in the filter GUI of the boosted hopper (not showing items added/removed to filter)
- Fixed invisibility in quakecraft
New Helpers!
Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:23 am
by Arbr
Congratulations to all the helpers who have been promoted! The Ones who have been promoted were: Veta, and Marcel.

We thank everyone who applied. We will be doing another promotion period within 1-3 months depending on when we need it.
Update 7.3 Patchnotes
Thu Nov 3, 2016 4:44 pm
by nidefawl
Grimlock World Event is running: /warp grimlock
Grimlock has a main story quest, a few side quests, a daily quest.
You can trade all your candy in grimlock.

Mining world has been reset
Increased max usage on Wand Of Growth
Fixed a bug that prevented all animals from spawners from despawning
Colored clay now generates properly in mining world
Added a scrollbars on Written Books, you can now also use copy&paste on books
Empty glassbottles now turn into filled water bottles when thrown in water

Update 7.3b
Entity Age is now stored with entities, to fix some entities not despawning ever
Fixed several Grimlock bugs
Update 7.23 Patchnotes
Wed Sep 21, 2016 2:34 pm
by nidefawl
You can now wear a hat while using /model (not all models are supported!)
Added a basic pickup item filter: /pickupfilter
Arena changes:
Its now more likely for a normal arena boss to spawn with a hat
Hats from arena bosses are now only given to players dealing at least 5% of the total damage
Super bosses now require at least 15 player to be online to spawn.
The more players are online, the more likely the next boss will be a superboss
Added WAILA info for the boss spawner

Added a Black Life Shard (reduces max health by one heart)
Flux/XP and Coins are now picked up instantly when no other player is nearby
Skeletons are more likely to spawn in the Nether and...