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Halloween Costume Contest
Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:48 pm
by Arbr


For this Halloween we want to make things special. Along with Grimlock 2: Shadows of Grim's return, we have Grimlock 3: Ancient Origins coming towards the end of the month. With Grimlock 3 we would like to have a costume contest for our community! (But wait! I don't have enough money to buy skins to make an outfit. How is this fair?)... I am glad you asked. We have created a spot within a creative world that will allow players to view and wear all skins and hats. Players who do enter will be able to get a room within this world to keep their outfits protected.


1st Place: A Skin set selected by Pig001, 500k, and a Golden Nide Hat
2nd Place: 250k with a Silver Nide Hat
3rd Place: 100k with a Bronze Nide Hat

Everyone Else: A Goody bag full of treats.

Judging Process:

Moderators and Admins not participating in the event will be judging the outfits. One at a time the contestant will present the outfit they made to us on a stage that we have created. Judges...
Nether Update - Patch Notes 8.06
Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:19 am
by pig001
- Reset the nether
- Opened up Grimlock 2 to complete again
- Added a bit of new generation to the nether
- Added crafting recipes for new stone brick/stairs
- Added repairing to stellar tools with aether orbs
- Added new armourers content
- Fixed green screen when respawning
- Fixed small aechor plant boss issues
- Fixed beacons not reapplying effects fast enough
- Fixed pirate door being openable
- FIx other minor bugs
- Started the pirate spawner nerf (This will take place over 1 month, and reduce the drops[including money] from the spawner to 10% of their current value. This also includes diamonds, and changes other drop chances about)
Loot Update Part 2 - Patch notes 8.053
Fri Oct 6, 2017 9:56 pm
by pig001
- Added new aechor plant arena boss, with new custom loot
- Added new custom elysian dungeon loot
- Add new stone bricks and stairs
- Update and add new loot to bronze, silver and gold aether dungeons
- Update Wiki with deepvale blocks, items, and other things that were missing
- Fixed monster hunt mobs that could no longer be killed
- Fixed new hammers not doing full damage
- Fixed showing multiple special offers on the main menu
- Remove deepvale items from extended creative
- Allow bound wearable skins to be placed in skins menu
- Allow wearable skins to be placed in regular armour slots in gameworlds with seperate inventories
- Buff...
Loot Update Part 1 - Patch notes 8.052
Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:29 pm
by pig001
Added new arena boss loot
Added new monster hunt loot
Added new monster hunt feature, "boosted mob", gives 2x points
Monster hunt no longer counts non-natural spawned mobs(e.g. mobs from spawners no longer count)
Show special offer on main menu
Flash vote button if you haven’t voted on all vote sites
Fix pirate charm not being saved
Fix other small bugs

This is also the announcement of the weekly updates(t's & c's apply). Each week there will be an update, one-week bug-fixes/small content update, next week content update, consistently updating. These updates will either be optimally Thursday night, but if worst comes to worst Friday night. This is...
Update 8.05 Patchnotes
Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:26 pm
by Arbr
-Add First Mate
-Add First Mate's Cutlass
-Add New Vote Site
-Add World Edit Command: //copyfilter (Block ID)
-Add World Edit Paste Flag: -r , Masks Air
-Fix Voting from Main Menu
-Fix Discord Invite
-Fix Menu issues
-Fix Greycliff Portal
-Fix Chili and Fish Chowder not showing textures
-Fix Cooking Pot Recipes
-Disabled World Expansion Temporarily
-Updated Mining World