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Update 6.4b Patchnotes
Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:09 am
by nidefawl
- The mining world has been reset
- Tombstones have been enabled in the mining world (Unprotected)
- You can now hit thru players (Unless you are in a PvP region)
- Added a new region flag "Teleport in on moa" to prevent players warping into regions riding Moas
- All players now have the permission to modify the Mobspawning and Fire-Projectiles flag on their regions
- Fixed combat-trackers on mobs possibly lagging the server when hitting a mob for hours
- Witches now run out of healing potions after a while
- Archery XP now scales with the time the bow was charged before shooting
- Fixed 2 render bugs on itemframes
- You can no longer trade damaged items on villagers (to get them repaired)
- Added code in attempt to fix a bug that draws textures in wrong color on some graphics cards
Update 6.4 Patchnotes
Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:01 am
by nidefawl
Added new Rings and Amuletts: Citrine, Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire, Tourmaline and Zircon
Villager trading has been revamped
Improved the controls and macro screen
Improved the loot you can find in Supply Crates
Increased the time it takes to disenchant items with enchantments
Reduced the amount of netherstars dropped by the Wither Skeleton Boss
Reduced the XP you can get from Onyx, Tourmaline and several other items
Bonemeal now fails a lot more often on the higher grade crops (Chili, Rice, Corn)
Made all fonts but the chat-line font fixed to fix layout problems
Added one new hat effect
Made ambrosium blocks work on the disenchanter
Infusement altars and Seed mutators...
Update 6.3b Patchnotes
Sat Jun 6, 2015 2:12 am
by nidefawl

Craftland Update 6.3

New Boss Arena

All credit goes to Arbr, Luke, Hotpot, Pig, Joyman, Caity, MrHotPringles, Randoro, MrGoldGames, Rocksox
  • New Boss Areana has been released
  • Added a new (working) mob-spawning flag for regions (admin only)
  • Fixed Rings/Capes and Pendants not being enchantable (on table)
  • Fixed the sort-inventory keybind
  • Fixed shift-clicking on freezers
  • Implemented hopper insert/take logic with freezer
  • Changed freezer particle animation
  • Fixed "show region boxes" updating very slow (causing frame drops)
  • Fixed player and NPC skin being slow and causing frame drops
  • Fixed Moa textures loading slow and causing frame drops
  • Fixed hawkeye search not working
  • Fixed Region-GUI owner check being broken (Owners couldn't change flags or add members on GUI)
  • Fixed issues with broken InvTweaks configs crashing the game
  • Fixed fortune on ambrosium not working like the other ores
  • Fixed a bug that made you crawl when you were swimming with Depth-Strider or Neptune armor set
  • Disabled client side knockback on arrows (Attempt to fix rubberbanding)

Update 6.3 - Patchnotes
Thu Jun 4, 2015 1:09 am
by marc0303
  • Refactored the database, mobs and playerfiles to use player IDs instead of usernames
  • Updated LWC, HawkEye, Chestshops, and plenty of other stuff to use player IDs
  • As a result you can no longer add player names to regions/bankaccounts/warps that haven't played on the server
  • The launcher now uses UUIDs to load the skins and renders skins slightly better
  • Refactored bank accounts. They no longer use a password.
  • Added a new boss!
  • Added item filters to hoppers
  • Highscore system has been improved: Type /highscores (more coming)
  • Invtweaks has been updated to fix sorting and autoreplacing
  • Fixed multiple bugs with shift-clicking that caused item loss
  • Fixed disenchanters with stacked tools
  • Fixed model appearance option not showing up
  • Improved player shop list load and search behaviour
  • Added hat previews to the player shop window
  • Bosses now attack faster
  • Arrows now fly through invisible / invulnerable entities
  • Buttons placed on the ceiling now correctly send a redstone signal
  • Fixed a bug when milking aether cows
  • Valkyrie message now use the player's display name
  • Fixed a bug that caused jungle saplings to become dirt or grass
  • Fixed placing mushroom blocks harvested with silk touch
  • NPCs can no longer be picked up with a spawn egg (there is a drop button when right clicking)
  • Fixed ambrosium ore not giving more shards with fortune
  • Updated the ladders' recipe to 1.8's
  • Lava now spread deterministically
  • Fixed some MCMMO issues

Update 6.2b Patchnotes
Sun May 17, 2015 6:03 pm
by nidefawl
- Bat spawners now also work above y 62
- Dead bushes can now be mined with silktouch
- Fixed commands getting send all lowercase to server
- The game-scoreboards now stays open for 10 seconds after a game ends
- Moved respawn button to middle of screen
- Fixed enter-key on respawn screen moving you to spawn world
- Fixed armor texture on slim model
- When using the relog-button you will no longer get left/joined messages
- When using the new vanilla portal you will no longer get left/joined messages
- Fixed a movement bug that prevented the player from walking over 1 block gaps when there is a block above you
This also fixes a few cases where you glitch into a...