*enderman noises*Awarded for bullying the mob that rarely spawns
Rewards:16 Ender Pearl + 1 Spawn Enderman + 15000 Coins
1800sCraft 1000 Wool
Rewards:64 Wool + 5000 Coins
2K OF PLAYING?!? ARE YOU NUTS?Seriously, you have played 2000 hours on this server?!?! Here have a coin, you should have enough items already.
Rewards:1 Coins
3,000 HoursTake your cookie and milk and reflect on the years you've spent on a minecraft server. Congratulations!
Rewards:1 Cookie + 1 Milk + 1 Cake
Rewards:10000 Coins
A slimy situationAwarded for slaying the blob.
Rewards:500 Coins
A true Craftland Supporter!Awarded for supporting our server by voting for us 500+ times!
Rewards:1 White Apple + encitem eNoVzjEOwiAYxfFHW2ttHDyAA3dwddPR0d18lY9CaoEAjfFE3sPJY4nb+w3/5PVAhcoq8RVYnfzisuhRZxoLh0JVuFY2hQe9NmguPnIHQGD/efPVkJuS1D7KbFimJQQfszweUCJD2Trta7SsNd9zqXYdGkczYxvJusE/b84q/j9ozzTTWCZ+O9glJA== + 50000 Coins
Addicted CollectorAwarded for being an addictive reader.
Rewards:20 Book + 20 Torch
Ahh, sweet essence..Awarded for harvesting a ton of honey from bees!
Rewards:1 + 25000 Coins
All in a day's work!Awarded for completing 15 daily quests!
Rewards:1 Perfect Diamond + 15000 Coins
An Iron HeartAwarded for being kind to the ones that defend us..
Rewards:16 Iron Ingot + 8 Gold Ingot + 4 Diamond + 5000 Coins
And the cow jumped over the...fence??Placed 250 Fences.
Rewards:16 Glowstone
Angelic Loot HoarderAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Silver Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
ArachnophobiaAwarded for overcoming your fear of spiders
Rewards:4 Spider Head + 1 MobSpawner Spider + 1 MobSpawner CaveSpider + 25000 Coins
BeastmasterPlace 10 mobspawners
Rewards:1 Cake
Black widowAwarded for killing an incredible amount of spiders.
Rewards:10 Pumpkin + 25000 Coins
Bling Bling!Awarded for mining 100 Diamond.
Rewards:1 Block of Diamond
Block placerAwarded for placing alot of blocks.
Rewards:9 Stone + 10000 Coins
Blue Man GroupCatch 15 Blue tang fish
Rewards:1 Blue Tang + 10 Sea Lantern + 10 Seaweed + 500 Coins
Boss Killer IYou're feared as a boss fighter!
Rewards:1 Shield of Repulsion + 1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 10000 Coins
Boss Killer IIYou're living to fight bosses !
Rewards:1 Cloud Staff + 5 Life Shard + 25000 Coins
Boss Killer IIIAwarded for 600 boss kills
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Leggings + 1 Valkyrie Helmet + 1 Valkyrie Boots + 1 Valkyrie Chestplate + 1 Valkyrie Gloves + 1 Valkyrie Cape + 64 Gold Gummie Swet + 15000 Coins
Boss Killer IVKill 1200 Bosses
Rewards:1 Perfect Diamond Gloves + 1 Perfect Diamond Boots + 1 Name Tag + 25000 Coins
Boss Killer VKill 2400 Bosses
Rewards:15 Plasma Aercloud + 1 Perfect Diamond Chestplate + 40000 Coins
Bounty hunterAwarded for winning the Monsterhunt several times.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 10000 Coins
BRBSee you soon
Rewards:1 Milk + 8 Cookie
BricklayerAwarded for creating alot of brickwalls.
Rewards:30 Brick
Bronze knight IAwarded for killing the sliders 15 times
Rewards:16 Sentry Stone + 16 Light Angelic Stone + 16 Light Hellfire Stone + 500 Coins
Bronze knight IIAwarded for killing sliders 30 times
Rewards:16 Blue Gummie Swet + 20000 Coins
Bronze knight IIIAwarded for killing sliders 100 times
Rewards:1 Hammer of Notch + 1 Flaming Sword + 50000 Coins
Bronze knight IVAwarded for killing sliders 200 times
Rewards:32 Blue Gummie Swet + 32 Gold Gummie Swet + 100000 Coins
Bronze knight VAwarded for killing sliders 1000 times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Lance + 1 Hammer of Notch + 1 Agility Cape + 1000000 Coins
BurglerAwarded for smashing in alot of windows.
Rewards:1 Brick + 1000 Coins
Cacti FarmerAwarded for farming 250 cacti.
Cant... Stop.. voting...Vote for the server 100 times
Rewards:32 Enchanted Gravitite + 50000 Coins
Caught red handed!Awarded for mining alot of Red Rock and/or Basalt.
Rewards:4 Armchair + 200 Coins
Celestial knightYou've proven that you're worthy to fight them.
Rewards:1 Zanite Sword + 1 Regeneration Stone
Celestial Knight IIAwarded for killing the valkyrie queen 50 times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Axe + 1 Invisibility Cloak + 24999 Coins
Celestial Knight IIIAwarded for killing the valkyrie queen 100 times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 1 Neptune Gloves + 1 Neptune Helmet + 1 Neptune Chestplate + 1 Neptune Leggings + 1 Neptune Boots + 49999 Coins
Celestial Knight IVAwarded for killing the valkyrie queen 200 times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 1 Valkyrie Axe + 1 Valkyrie Shovel + 100000 Coins
Celestial Knight VAwarded fo killing the valkyrie queen almost a million times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Helmet + 1 Valkyrie Chestplate + 1 Valkyrie Leggings + 1 Valkyrie Boots + 1 Valkyrie Cape + 64 Gold Gummie Swet + 1 Valkyrie Gloves + 1000000 Coins
CitizenYou played 24 hours, you are now a Citizen!
Rewards:5 Diamond + group vip
Close encounter with netherworldyou just survived one demon
Rewards:1 Wither Skeleton Skull
Cloud annihilatorAwarded for destroying a lot of clouds
Rewards:2 Golden Parachute
Coal minerAwarded for destroying alot of coal ores.
Rewards:20 Coal + 1 Furnace
Cold As IceAwarded for destroying a huge amount of ice stones
Rewards:1 Zanite Block + 10000 Coins
Conqueror of heaven and earth!Awarded for freeing this world of all that is evil
Rewards:1 Victory Medal + 1 Nether Star + 50000 Coins
Crawling creepersAwarded for slaying a good amount of spiders.
Rewards:10000 Coins
Creep-huggerShould've used a bow instead.
Rewards:1 Bow + 64 Arrow
Creepers creeperAwarded for killing alot of creepers.
Rewards:20000 Coins
Cry babyAwarded for shooting down alot of ghasts.
Rewards:10 Glowstone
D-D-Drop the Bass!Catch 35 Largemouth Bass
Rewards:1 Bass + 1 Music Disc + 1 MusicPlayer + 5 Seaweed + 500 Coins
Daily DoerAwarded for being super committed!
Rewards:1 Tourmaline + 250000 Coins
Dancing with a lichAwarded for slaying 25 of the most EEEEVIL flesh liches..
Rewards:64 Rotten Flesh + 16 Fire Charge + 15000 Coins
Demolition manAwarded for destroying a total of 100000 blocks you maniac.
Rewards:10000 Coins
Diamond MasteryAwarded for mining 500 diamonds
Rewards:32 Sponge + 1 Golden Apple
Digging the Aether!Awarded for digging a lot of Aether dirt
Rewards:1 Zanite Shovel + 2000 Coins
Dirty bastardAwarded for digging a massive amount of dirt.
Rewards:1 Diamond Shovel + 10000 Coins
Dragon Fighter IAwarded for killing one Ender Dragon
Rewards:500 Coins
Dragon Fighter IIAwarded for Killin 15 Ender Dragons
Rewards:1000 Coins
Dragon Fighter IIIAwarded for killing 50 Ender Dragons
Rewards:1 Dragon Egg + 25000 Coins
Dragon Fighter IVAwarded for killing 100 Ender Dragons
Rewards:3 Dragon Egg + 1 Perfect Diamond + 50000 Coins
Dragon Fighter VAwarded for killing 250 Ender Dragons
Rewards:1 Eye of Ender + 64 Bottle o' Enchanting + 1 Perfect Diamond + 250000 Coins
Dragon SlayerAwarded for crafting a diamond sword.
Rewards:400 Coins
Rewards:6 Dragon Soul + 6 Dragon Egg + 6 Perfect Diamond + encitem eNodjTEOgkAQRf8CIlIYO1tOwCWk9AKWgzu7ksgMWZfCE3kPK4/laPmS9/JaoEAxefdx2Jx0lexalJmi4WjoDbd+eix3eu5QnTVxA8Dh+H7xRdeOEndDoqgyapK+h/k3ypMELVFzCHzNFhwaVEIzY8/iOfl/Yd5vXw80U2Szvqi2JBY= + 250000 Coins
Egyptian collectorAwarded for digging pretty much sand.
Rewards:1 Golden Shovel
Elysian Knight IKill Elysian Knight 15 Times
Rewards:10 Elysian Dungeon Stone + 10 Elysian Lit Dungeon Stone + 100 Coins
Elysian Knight IIKill Elysian Knight 30 Times
Rewards:10 Elysian Dungeon Stone Pillar + 10 Elysian Dungeon Stone Pillar Top + 10 Elysian Lit Dungeon Stone + 10 Elysian Beam Stone + 10 Elysian Dungeon Stone + 100 Coins
Elysian Loot HoarderAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Elysian Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
Enter the ElysianAwarded for conjuring several Elysian Dungeon Keys.
Rewards:8 Elysian Dungeon Stone + 1 Elysian Dungeon Key + 5000 Coins
Every day I'm shoveling!Aether dirts is something too common for you now.
Rewards:64 Aether Grass + 1 Gravitite Shovel + 1 Water Bucket + 10000 Coins
Everybody loves baconAwarded for killing 200 pigs.
Rewards:1 Furnace + 10 Coal
Eye of the tigerMaybe you should ride a pig instead.
Rewards:1 Diamond Boots + 25000 Coins
Fighting SpiritAwarded for killing your first boss!
Rewards:1500 Coins + encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTGE8wcjA6pxfmlfCyMXAXJKYzsXAnpFYkpmXls/BwJKXmJvKwJGWk1iikJxYANLC5pKYm5ieysDAAADcQw7v
Finding Dory...Fish 50 Blue Tang
Rewards:32 Sea Lantern + 1 Blue Tang + 32 Root + 12000 Coins
Finding NemoFish 25 Clownfish
Rewards:1 Clownfish + 3 Sapphire + 1 Clownfish + 1 Blue Tang + 10 Seaweed + 20 Sea Lantern + 8000 Coins
Fire Fighter IYou've killed a lot of fire monsters son !
Rewards:1 Water Bucket + 32 Melon + 10000 Coins
Fire Fighter IIAwarded for slaying a lot of fire monsters
Rewards:1 Phoenix Boots + 1 Phoenix Gloves + 1 Water Bucket + 15000 Coins
Fire Fighter IIIAwarded for slaying a big amount of fire monsters
Rewards:1 Phoenix Helmet + 1 Phoenix Gloves + 1 Phoenix Boots + 1 Life Shard + 40000 Coins
Fire Fighter IVAwarded for slaying a huge amount of fire monsters
Rewards:1 Wooden Hoe + 1 Phoenix Sword + 100000 Coins
Fire Fighter VOne thousand and one times. Well done!
Rewards:1 Obsidian Gloves + 1 Obsidian Chestplate + 1 Obsidian Helmet + 1 Obsidian Leggings + 1 Obsidian Boots + 1 Cloud Staff + 1 Shield of Repulsion + 1000000 Coins
FishermanYou fished a bit.. well alot...
Rewards:20 Cooked Fish
Fists of furyPunching is not always the answer
Rewards:3 Diamond
Fruit Juice!Awarded for crafting alot of juice..
Rewards:1 Lemon Juice + 1 Tomato Juice + 1 Cranberry Juice + 1 Raspberry Juice + 1 Blackberry Juice + 1 Mango Juice + 1 Peach Juice + 1 Apple Juice + 8 Coins
Get to ClassCatch 2500 Fish
Rewards:encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTGE8wcjA6pxfmlfCyMXAXJKYzsXAnpFYkpmXls/BwJKXmJvKwJFUWqyQllmcAdLC5pKYm5ieysDAAADdzg8I + 10000 Coins
Getting hot in hereDeath by LAVA!!
Rewards:1 Lava Bucket
Ghast busterAwarded for killing 300 Ghasts.
Rewards:10 Glowstone + 50000 Coins
Gibbed IIGib them all!
Rewards:50000 Coins
Gibbed IIIAwarded for being an addicted quakecraft player
Rewards:80000 Coins
Gibbed IVYou are now a quakecraft Pro!
Rewards:100000 Coins
Gibbed or not??
Rewards:5000 Coins
Gibbed VImpossible to stop you!
Rewards:1 Shield of Repulsion + 1 Hammer of Notch + 200000 Coins
Gibbed!Gib a lot of players
Rewards:50000 Coins
Give me more to do!Awarded for completing 50 daily quests!
Rewards:1 Perfect Diamond + 1 Valkyrie Plate + 1 Revenant Remnant + 50000 Coins
Global WarmingGreat! Now even this world is ruined!
Rewards:64 Oak Sapling
Glow in the darkAwarded for placing down 250 Glowstone
Rewards:1 Clock
Going for Gold!Killing a lot of Pig Zombies
Rewards:15 Block of Gold + 2000 Coins
Gold DiggerAwarded for mining 10 gold
Rewards:1 Gold Ingot
Gold Digger IIAwarded for mining 50 gold
Rewards:1 Block of Gold
Gold Digger IIIAwarded for mining 100 gold
Rewards:32 Pumpkin
Gold MasteryAwarded for mining 500 gold
Rewards:1 Golden Apple
Gold Rush ExpertiseAwarded for obtaining many, many goldrush points.
Rewards:encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTGGUZWRgdc4vzSth5GJgLklM52RgSc1LzuBiACpgYmDOKcthYAWrZFBgQOUrMTAzcAWlFiRmFjnnF5cwgE1kYHNJzE1MTwXyAB/oEPA= + 12345 Coins
Gold Rushin' in StyleAwarded for gathering enough points in a single round of Gold Rush to be guaranteed a hat!
Rewards:3 Block of Gold + 1 Inferno Pickaxe + 777 Coins
Golden WarriorWhere are all the Pig Zombies now?
Rewards:64 Block of Gold + 7500 Coins
GoldsmenRewarded for killing most of the Pig Zombie race!
Rewards:25 Block of Gold + 5000 Coins
Happy BirthdaySit down and eat your cake!
Rewards:1 Armchair + 100 Coins
Head in the cloudsAwarded for mining a large amount of gravitite ores
Rewards:5 Enchanted Gravitite + 500 Coins
HeartlessAwarded for slaying a fellow citizen of craftland
Rewards:1 Bread
Heavenly lumberjackAwarded for cutting down a huge amount of aether trees
Rewards:1 Zanite Axe + 32 Green Skyroot Sapling
Hidden Pirates ChestFish 50 Treasure
Rewards:10 Sponge + 3 Beta + 16 Gold Nugget + 16 Gold Ingot + 1 Lightning Sword + 5000 Coins
HoarderAwarded for placing 25 chests.
Holy miner IYou begin to know how to deal with Holystone, dog!
Rewards:1 Zanite Pickaxe + 2000 Coins
Holy miner IIHolystones don't want to meet your pickaxe anymore!
Rewards:1 Gravitite Pickaxe + 64 Holystone + 5000 Coins
Holy miner IIII know you're addicted, now feel the holystone powder in your blood !
Rewards:64 Holystone + 1 Gravitite Pickaxe + 1 Zanite Ring + 10000 Coins
Holy miner IVYou're a legendary miner dog !
Rewards:64 Holystone + 1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 25000 Coins
Holy miner VYou can destroy the whole aether world all by yourself dog congratz !
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 64 Holystone + 64 Holystone + 1 Zanite Ring + 1 Zanite Pendant + 100000 Coins
Holy miner VI*head-shaking*
Rewards:5 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 32 Perfect Diamond + 1000000 Coins
Home sweet homeAwarded for going home alot of times.
Horrible sheep herderAwarded for killing 100 sheep.
Hot RodAwarded for fishing in lava 111 times!
Rewards:1 Oak Wood Planks + 1 Blaze Powder + 1 Iron Ingot + 10000 Coins
I feel like we have a connectionAwarded for logging in alot of times.
Rewards:1 Cake
I Pick things up, I put them downEnchant an Item with Silk Touch
Rewards:5 Stone + 5 Grass Block + 3000 Coins
I'm Blueda ba dee da ba die
Rewards:1000 Coins
Ice ice babyAwarded for ''breaking the ice''
Rewards:1 Water Bucket + 30 Snowball
Illegal LoggerCutting off over 9000 trees.
Immortality on CraftlandYour soul reached an immortal state and lives on after your body dies
Rewards:1000000 Coins + group immortal + encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTHEJZWJgc0nMTUxPZWBgZGB1zi/NK2HkYmAuSUwHcpOA3BRGBgYAylsJNA==
Iron-manAwarded for mining alot of iron.
Rewards:1 Music Disc + 1000 Coins
Iron-man IIThis stuff is useful
Rewards:1 Furnace + 32 Coal + 10000 Coins
Iron-man IIIWhy would one need that much iron?
Rewards:1 Furnace + 32 Blaze Rod + 3 Perfect Diamond + 50000 Coins
It Bee how it BeeAwarded for breeding a large amount of bees!
Rewards:10000 Coins
It's perfect!You crafted a masterpiece!
Rewards:500 Coins
Its Getting DarkFish 50 Angler
Rewards:32 Sea Lantern + 5000 Coins
JewelerAwarded for mining 10 diamonds
Rewards:1 Diamond Shovel + 5000 Coins
Jeweler IIAwarded for mining 50 diamonds
Rewards:1 Diamond Pickaxe + 10000 Coins
Jeweler IIIAwarded for mining 150 diamonds
Rewards:1 Diamond Gloves + 20000 Coins
Jeweler IVAwarded for mining 500 diamonds
Rewards:1 Diamond Helmet + 50000 Coins
Joining the special unitCongratulations you have joined the Special Unit group.
Rewards:3 Block of Diamond + 10000 Coins + group specialunit
Just a SplashCatch 500 Fish
Rewards:encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTGE8wcjA6pxfmlfCyMXAXJKYzsXAnpFYkpmXls/BwJKXmJvKwJuWWZyRWpSbmKcAlAHpY3NJzE1MT2VgYAAAQfUREw== + 5000 Coins
Just try it! It's only Quakecraft...!This might be quite difficult
Rewards:500 Coins
Kaleidoscopic Bees!Awarded for having 2 bees give birth to a Rainbow Bee
Rewards:50000 Coins
KamikazeMaybe you should use a ladder next time.
Rewards:32 Ladder
Leaf the leafs aloneAwarded for destroying a huge amount of leaves.
Rewards:10 Oak Sapling
Legendary SniperAwarded for killing 150 Zephyrs
Rewards:30 Aerogel + 64 Arrow + 1 Phoenix Bow
Let there be darknessAwarded for destroying 1000 torches.
Rewards:10 Torch
Let there be lightAwarded for placing 1000 torches.
Rewards:9 Glowstone Dust
LibrarianAwarded for crafting 100 books.
Rewards:1 Armchair
Loot Hoarding Life for MeAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Pirate Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
Loving the PoisonDestroy 100 Mycena
Rewards:1 Iron Pickaxe + 32 Coal + 5 Ruby + 5 TNT + 1 Diamond
Luck of the.. Wheel?Awarded for trying your luck with the Vote Wheel!
Rewards:1 Diamond + 10000 Coins
LumberjackAwarded for destroying 10 logs
Rewards:2 Oak Wood
Lumberjack IIAwarded for destroying 100 logs
Rewards:4 Chest
Lumberjack IIIAwarded for destroying 500 logs
Rewards:64 Oak Wood Stairs
Lumberjack IVAwarded for destroying a lot of logs.
Rewards:1 Diamond Axe
Marathon RunnerAwarded for taking 50000 steps.
Mass ProductionAwarded for creating a large amount of hives for your workers!
Rewards:1 + 6 + 10000 Coins
Master of PortalsAwarded for teleporting 250 times.
Mike Tyson fanboyAwarded for punching many MANY times.
Minecraft addictCongratulations, you are officially addicted to minecraft.
Rewards:5 Block of Diamond + 5 Block of Gold + 5 Sponge + 1 Golden Apple + 1 Cake + 50000 Coins + group addict
Minecraft BetaFish 150 Beta Fish
Rewards:10 Beta + 10 Emerald + 10 Ruby + 10 Sapphire + 100000 Coins
Minecraft MagicAwarded for being an enchanter!
Rewards:1 Enchantment Table + 25000 Coins
MinecrafterAwarded for starting to mine!
Mining the unspeakableLolapa... poelalepa... zoelipa.. ehh nevermind.
MinorMinerAwarded for mining 1,000 rock.
Monster HunterAwarded for winning the Monsterhunt alot of times.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 20000 Coins
My work here is done.Taking down the worlds worst enemy.
Rewards:1 MobSpawner Creeper
MYCENA!!! (duh dun da deh duh!)Breaking your first 10 Mycena
Rewards:5 TNT + 1000 Coins
Near total extincitionAwarded for slaying a total of 50000 mobs.
Rewards:1 MobSpawner Pig + 1 Block of Diamond + 50000 Coins
Newbie Loot HoarderAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Bronze Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
NO LIFER!Congratulations, you have officially no life!
Rewards:20 Block of Diamond + 20 Block of Gold + 20 Sponge + 1 Golden Apple + 1 Cake + 1000000 Coins + group nolifer
No longer homeless!Awarded for setting your home somewhere
Rewards:1 Oak Door + 4 Glass + 1 Bed
Oh lillian!Harvest some lily pads
Rewards:1500 Coins
Ooh look a flower..Awarded for picking 50 yellow flowers.
Oooh.. Sharp and Shiny!Awarded for finding the sharp and shiny thing inside Silver Dungeons
Rewards:1 Victory Medal + 10000 Coins
PaverAwarded for placing 1,000 cobblestone.
Rewards:1 Block of Gold
Persistant minerAwarded for mining 100 Obsidian
Rewards:1 Water Bucket + 1 Lava Bucket
Pig armyAwarded for slaying alot of menacing Pigzombies.
Rewards:1 Golden Sword
Pirate Slayer IAwarded for killing the Captain 15 times
Rewards:1 Block of Gold + 15 Pirate Stone + 15 Light Pirate Stone + 2500 Coins
Pirate Slayer IIAwarded for killing the Captain 30 times
Rewards:8 Bomb + 5 Block of Gold + 30 Pirate Stone + 30 Light Pirate Stone + 12500 Coins
Play-dohAwarded for digging a big amount of clay.
Rewards:30 Coal + 1 Furnace + 30 Brick
PopularWell known in the Craftland Community
Rewards:group wellknown + 5000 Coins
Population ControlAwarded For Killing Moas!
Rewards:1 Victory Medal + 5500 Coins
Powerd by redstoneAwarded for mining a big amount of redwire.
Rewards:1 Jukebox
Professional BoxerAwarded for punching the air with your fist 1000 times.
Professional sky diggerAwarded for digging a huge amount of Aether dirt
Rewards:1 Gravitite Shovel + 64 Aether Grass + 5000 Coins
Puff in the fishFish 15 Pufferfish
Rewards:5 Sponge + 10 Cattail + 500 Coins
PVP Lord!You have killed many players.. you little ****
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 1 Bow + 64 Arrow + 10000 Coins
PyromaniaAwarded for setting things on fire
Rewards:1 Flint and Steel + 1 Netherrack
Queen of the SeaFish 50 Angel Fish
Rewards:16 Angelic Stone + 16 Pillar + 16 Pillar Top + 10 Victory Medal + 16 Sponge + 15000 Coins
Ready to ChopAwarded for crafting a diamond axe.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to DigAwarded for crafting a diamond shovel.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to MineAwarded for crafting a diamond pickaxe.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to PlantAwarded for crafting a diamond hoe.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to ShootAwarded for crafting a bow.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to ShopAwarded for making a lot of Shop Chests
Rewards:1 Gold Key + 1 Item Frame + 1500 Coins
RebuilderAwarded for destroying 10 cobble
Rewards:1 Stone
Rebuilder IIAwarded for destroying 100 cobble
Rewards:5 Stone
Rebuilder IIIAwarded for destroying 500 cobble
Rewards:25 Stone
Rebuilder IVAwarded for destroying a lot of cobble.
Rewards:1 Diamond Pickaxe
Reed FarmerAwarded for farming 250 reeds.
Repeat VisitAwarded for logging in five times
Rewards:3 Wheat
ReserructionAwarded for defying death.
Rewards:1 Golden Apple + 1 Cooked Porkchop
Roadworks.. almostAwarded for crafting 1,600 pieces of Concrete Powder
Rewards:32 Black Concrete + 16 White Concrete + 1600 Coins
Run forest runAwarded for walking miles and miles.
Rewards:1 Golden Boots
Rushin' for VictoryAwarded for winning a Gold Rush once!
Rewards:1 Diamond Pickaxe + 7000 Coins
Sand CastleAwarded for placing 200 sand blocks
Rewards:64 Sand + 64 Glass
Sea BiscuitCatch 50 Seahorses
Rewards:10 Sea Horse + 5 Seaweed + 5 Sea Bean + 32 Sea Lantern + 15000 Coins
See-ThroughAwarded for placing 500 glass cubes.
Sleeping with the fishesAwarded for drowning
Rewards:10 Raw Fish
Sparkly BeesAwarded for successfully breeding a Golden Bee!
Rewards:25000 Coins
Spicy Loot HoarderAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Gold Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
Stairway to HeavenAwarded for creating 250 stone stairs
Rewards:1 Golden Apple
Stairway to HellAwarded for destroying 250 stone stairs
Rewards:1 Golden Apple
Starting OutBeginning to get a feel for Craftland
Rewards:group apprentice + 500 Coins
Stone crusherAwarded for destroying a MASSIVE amount of stone
Rewards:20000 Coins
Sugar daddyAwarded for farming alot of reed.
Rewards:2 Sugar + 3 Wheat + 3 Milk + 1 Egg
Supreme hunter of the world!The killing of a supreme amount of mobs!
Rewards:1 Creeper Head + 1 Skeleton Skull + 1 Wither Skeleton Skull + 1 Zombie Head + 1 Head + 1 Victory Medal + 100000 Coins
Survival InstinctKill 1 player in Survival Games
Rewards:25 Coins
Survival Instinct IIKill 10 players in Survival Games
Rewards:250 Coins
Survival Instinct IIIKill 25 players in Survival Games
Rewards:700 Coins
Survival Instinct IVKill 50 players in Survival Games
Rewards:1500 Coins
Survival Instinct VKill 100 players in Survival Games
Rewards:2500 Coins
Survivalist IWin 1 Survival Game!
Rewards:250 Coins
Survivalist IIWin 10 Survival Games!
Rewards:2500 Coins
Survivalist IIIWin 25 Survival Games!
Rewards:7000 Coins
Survivalist IVWin 50 Survival Games!
Rewards:15000 Coins
Sweet as.. well, Honey!Awarded for harvesting a bunch of honey from bees!
Rewards:3 Wine + 3 + 5000 Coins
Take a DiveCatch 5000 Fish
Rewards:encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTGE8wcjA6pxfmlfCyMXAXJKYzsXAnpFYkpmXls/BwJKXmJvKwFOcl1+UnZqjkJtYnA3SxuaSmJuYnsrAwAAALxwQwg== + 100000 Coins
Take a rest...No, seriously. Lie down.
Rewards:1 Bed + 1 Apple Juice
Take to the Skies!Awarded for crafting a Gravitite Beacon!
Rewards:1 Feather + 1000 Coins
Taming the crowdAwarded for killing 800 Pig Zombies
Rewards:1 Golden Sword + 5 Block of Gold + 500 Coins
The ALPHA fish!Awarded for successfully reeling in an Alpha!
Rewards:1 Perfect Diamond + 22222 Coins
The Black KnightAwarded for slaying an immense amount of bosses.
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Sword + encitem eNoljjEOwjAQBNdJCCEVT3BDxyuAMhIFL7iQc7CIfSg2RV7EP6h4FocoZ7QjbQsUKPxgPgarozxjNi3KTKNirzgorgefHhMtG1SdzNwAMNi9X3xRybMVZw+SEqe9PfeZfPy7TiRD6xtlH52UqNk5vmbNtw2qSIHRpvsy+2B18ztSnyjQyLr4AngwJ2A= + 1000000 Coins
The Bounty HunterAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from Monster Hunt, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
The Bricks that Run RedAwarded for crafting 256 of the very red nether brick.
Rewards:1 Nether Rune + 1250 Coins
The end is near!Mine a ton of end stone!
Rewards:1 Dragon Egg + 30000 Coins
The FarmerYou have collected a lot of seeds and wheat!
Rewards:1 Diamond Hoe + 64 Wheat
The floating island devourerAwarded for completely destroying the Aether's surface!
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Shovel + 1 Valkyrie Lance + 1 Valkyrie Axe + 25000 Coins
The forbidden fruitAwarded for crafting 1 golden apple.
Rewards:50 Coins
The Gold Rush Master..Awarded for being an absolute god when it comes to Gold Rush.. Well, earning 123,456 points.
Rewards:encitem eNoVjjEOwjAQBNdJCCEVTzDiKUGioaKjPPDZjpTYyLkUvIh/UPEsjnK0M9L2QIVqdOZrsBnymsT0qIWC4l3RKW7duDwneu3QXHLhDoDB8fPmW14tFbYS2c60CBebvT3nydnrusQDtI0kY/K5Rsve80M03ndoEs2MLqha1PyfaE80U2Ddf7d8JcE= + encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTGGUZWRgdc4vzSth5GJgLklM52RgSc1LzuBiACpgYmDOKcth4ACrZFBgQOUrMTAzcAWlFiRmFjnnF5cANbAAVbC5JOYmpqcCeQAhHhD4 + 123456 Coins
The Grinda DesignaAwarded for placing many Mob Spawners!
Rewards:1 MobSpawner Chicken + 1 Iron Sword + 333 Coins
The handymanAwarded for making several workbenches.
Rewards:20 Bricks + 20 Oak Wood Planks
The healing stoneAwarded for mining a good amount of Ambrosium
Rewards:10 Healing Stone
The Minecraft-whispererAwarded for whispering too much, you sneaky bastard.
The Orb of SoulsHarvest 10 Aether Orbs
Rewards:1 Broken Key + 3 Aether Orb + 1 Skyberry
The perfect gentlemanAwarded for being a real gentleman.
Rewards:1 Apple
The Purrfect BreedAwarded for breeding 33 cats!
Rewards:1 Raw Fish + 1 Spawn Ocelot + 3333 Coins
The sky is the limitAwarded for killing a few of those pushy zephyr's
Rewards:15 Cold Aercloud + 10 Aerogel + 5 Cloud Parachute
The supreme crafterAwarded for creating a ridiculous amount of blocks
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 1 Diamond Shovel + 1 Diamond Pickaxe + 50000 Coins
The supreme minerAwarded for destroying a ridiculous amount of blocks.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 1 Diamond Shovel + 1 Diamond Pickaxe + 50000 Coins
There's an issue with the circuitAh, there we go.
Rewards:64 Redstone
Those aren't hair combs!Awarded for scraping a ton of Honeycombs out of Bee Hives!
Rewards:1 Shears + encitem eNo1jzFLw0AYht9LmrTJojj5JwTBSRFsaNEWatW2i5sfyZGerXflcqUEBPduXRxcFcFdnCoVJ/+Eq1P/Q71UvO34Ht73eUPAgSMSdsfg1dRYGhbCNZS6CLk0wuQmH3EAyxDlRGSjIeUBSi2lOUPxwn8uIUMMQZTylooHPEEA/1QZoaRvMXcx252+79xuLF63vDl7lEcv7Xj/4vOZYbOZtcmMNQ27I5pInjAXfoPT0PSLfJvZoKzNY0MaHsp9TsklTaL77Z7lbLdttJzDUDmTJ9pOSFiASkcZKsq94mbhp0KWodSzc+zdPVfZ2uvjYR7pvZ+vaqe63lOdHX5fvx0EDkrHQvPVykElEron4kEWXDGENZJ1nhWmNi60al0jZMo1Yyg3s0imOocL98+qKIdfpxuy3yV+AQhHYCo= + 25000 Coins
ThrillerAwarded for killing a good amount of zombies.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword
Tough as rockAwarded for mining a massive amount of stone.
Rewards:1 Diamond Pickaxe + 1 Block of Diamond + 25000 Coins
Toxic but... Exotic!Awarded for slaying 10 special plants!
Rewards:10 Golden Dart + 5000 Coins
Treasure ChestFish Treasure 15 Times!
Rewards:10 Sponge + 600 Coins
TreehuggerAwarded for planting alot of trees.
Rewards:1 Diamond Axe + 10 Dandelion + 10 Poppy
Try hard, never dieAwarded for mining a huge amount of Ambrosium
Rewards:10 Healing Stone + 1 Enchanter + 25 Ambrosium Shard + 15 Holystone
Ultimate hunterAwarded for slaying a total of 25000 mobs.
Rewards:1 Bow + 25000 Coins
Ultimate Monster HunterAwarded for winning the famous monster hunt a huge amount of times
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 50000 Coins
Ultimate voterVote 200 times!
Rewards:40000 Coins
Unstoppable Force vs Unmoveable ObjectAwarded for mining 10 obsidian.
Veteran minerAwarded for destroying 10000 stone.
Rewards:1 Diamond Pickaxe
We have a winner!Win quake craft a lot!
Rewards:1 Hammer of Notch
Welcome VisitAwarded for logging in for the first time
Rewards:1 Stone Sword + 1 Stone Axe
Wheat FarmerAwarded for farming Wheat
Where's your bow now?Awarded for killing a good amount of skeletons.
Rewards:1 Bow
Wood CrafterWhoa! You made 2500 Wood Blocks
Working at the chicken butcheryAwarded for slaughting 100 chicken.
Rewards:5 Egg
World ChampionAwarded for punching a lot.
Rewards:1 Victory Medal + 1 Phoenix Gloves
Your first voteVote 1 time
Rewards:500 Coins
Zanite sweet zaniteAwarded for mining a great amount of zanite ores
Rewards:5 Zanite Block + 1 Zanite Pickaxe
Zero GravityAwarded for mining a huge amount of gravitite ores
Rewards:10 Enchanted Gravitite + 10000 Coins
Zombie apocalypse survivorAwarded for killing 10.000 Zombies.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 20000 Coins
[Valentines 2020] A sweet kiss..Awarded for fishing the sweetest.. kissing.. fish?
Rewards:10 Candy Hearts + 10 Coins