1800sCraft 1000 Wool
Rewards:64 Wool + 5000 Coins
2K OF PLAYING?!? ARE YOU NUTS?Seriously, you have played 2000 hours on this server?!?! Here have a coin, you should have enough items already.
Rewards:1 Coins
3,000 HoursTake your cookie and milk and reflect on the years you've spent on a minecraft server. Congratulations!
Rewards:1 Cookie + 1 Milk + 1 Cake
Rewards:10000 Coins
A sticky situationAwarded for slaying the blob.
Addicted CollectorAwarded for being an addictive reader.
Rewards:20 Book + 20 Torch
And the cow jumped over the...fence??Placed 250 Fences.
Rewards:16 Glowstone
Angelic Loot HoarderAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Silver Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
BeastmasterPlace 10 mobspawners
Rewards:1 Cake
Black widowAwarded for killing an incredible amount of spiders.
Rewards:10 Pumpkin + 25000 Coins
Bling Bling!Awarded for mining 100 Diamond.
Rewards:1 Block of Diamond
Block placerAwarded for placing alot of blocks.
Rewards:9 Stone + 10000 Coins
Blue Man GroupCatch 15 Blue tang fish
Rewards:1 Blue Tang + 10 Sea Lantern + 10 Seaweed + 500 Coins
Boss Killer IYou're feared as a boss fighter!
Rewards:1 Shield of Repulsion + 1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 10000 Coins
Boss Killer IIYou're living to fight bosses !
Rewards:1 Cloud Staff + 5 Life Shard + 25000 Coins
Boss Killer IIIAwarded for 600 boss kills
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Leggings + 1 Valkyrie Helmet + 1 Valkyrie Boots + 1 Valkyrie Chestplate + 1 Valkyrie Gloves + 1 Valkyrie Cape + 64 Gold Gummie Swet + 15000 Coins
Boss Killer IVKill 1200 Bosses
Rewards:1 Perfect Diamond Gloves + 1 Perfect Diamond Boots + 1 Name Tag + 25000 Coins
Boss Killer VKill 2400 Bosses
Rewards:15 Plasma Aercloud + 1 Perfect Diamond Chestplate + 40000 Coins
Bounty hunterAwarded for winning the Monsterhunt several times.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 10000 Coins
BRBSee you soon
Rewards:1 Milk + 8 Cookie
BricklayerAwarded for creating alot of brickwalls.
Rewards:30 Brick
Bronze knight IAwarded for killing the sliders 15 times
Rewards:16 Sentry Stone + 16 Light Angelic Stone + 16 Light Hellfire Stone + 500 Coins
Bronze knight IIAwarded for killing sliders 30 times
Rewards:16 Blue Gummie Swet + 20000 Coins
Bronze knight IIIAwarded for killing sliders 100 times
Rewards:1 Hammer of Notch + 1 Flaming Sword + 50000 Coins
Bronze knight IVAwarded for killing sliders 200 times
Rewards:32 Blue Gummie Swet + 32 Gold Gummie Swet + 100000 Coins
Bronze knight VAwarded for killing sliders 1000 times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Lance + 1 Hammer of Notch + 1 Agility Cape + 1000000 Coins
BurglerAwarded for smashing in alot of windows.
Rewards:1 Brick + 1000 Coins
Cacti FarmerAwarded for farming 250 cacti.
Cant... Stop.. voting...Vote for the server 100 times
Rewards:32 Enchanted Gravitite + 50000 Coins
Caught red handed!Awarded for mining alot of Red Rock and/or Basalt.
Rewards:4 Armchair + 200 Coins
Celestial knightYou've proven that you're worthy to fight them.
Rewards:1 Zanite Sword + 1 Regeneration Stone
Celestial Knight IIAwarded for killing the valkyrie queen 50 times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Axe + 1 Invisibility Cloak + 24999 Coins
Celestial Knight IIIAwarded for killing the valkyrie queen 100 times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 1 Neptune Gloves + 1 Neptune Helmet + 1 Neptune Chestplate + 1 Neptune Leggings + 1 Neptune Boots + 49999 Coins
Celestial Knight IVAwarded for killing the valkyrie queen 200 times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 1 Valkyrie Axe + 1 Valkyrie Shovel + 100000 Coins
Celestial Knight VAwarded fo killing the valkyrie queen almost a million times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Helmet + 1 Valkyrie Chestplate + 1 Valkyrie Leggings + 1 Valkyrie Boots + 1 Valkyrie Cape + 64 Gold Gummie Swet + 1 Valkyrie Gloves + 1000000 Coins
CitizenYou played 24 hours, you are now a Citizen!
Rewards:5 Diamond + group vip
Close encounter with netherworldyou just survived one demon
Rewards:1 Wither Skeleton Skull
Cloud annihilatorAwarded for destroying a lot of clouds
Rewards:2 Golden Parachute
Coal minerAwarded for destroying alot of coal ores.
Rewards:20 Coal + 1 Furnace
Cold As IceAwarded for destroying a huge amount of ice stones
Rewards:1 Zanite Block + 10000 Coins
Completely fireproofYou've killed a lot of fire monsters son !
Rewards:1 Water Bucket + 32 Melon + 10000 Coins
Conqueror of heaven and earth!Awarded for freeing this world of all that is evil
Rewards:1 Victory Medal + 1 Nether Star + 50000 Coins
Crawling creepersAwarded for slaying a good amount of spiders.
Rewards:10000 Coins
Creep-huggerShould've used a bow instead.
Rewards:1 Bow + 64 Arrow
Creepers creeperAwarded for killing alot of creepers.
Rewards:20000 Coins
Cry babyAwarded for shooting down alot of ghasts.
Rewards:10 Glowstone
D-D-Drop the Bass!Catch 35 Bass
Rewards:1 Bass + 1 Music Disc + 1 MusicPlayer + 5 Seaweed + 500 Coins
Demolition manAwarded for destroying a total of 100000 blocks you maniac.
Rewards:10000 Coins
Diamond MasteryAwarded for mining 500 diamonds
Rewards:32 Sponge + 1 Golden Apple
Digging the Aether!Awarded for digging a lot of Aether dirt
Rewards:1 Zanite Shovel + 2000 Coins
Dirty bastardAwarded for digging a massive amount of dirt.
Rewards:1 Diamond Shovel + 10000 Coins
Dragon Fighter IAwarded for killing one Ender Dragon
Rewards:500 Coins
Dragon Fighter IIAwarded for Killin 15 Ender Dragons
Rewards:1000 Coins
Dragon Fighter IIIAwarded for killing 100 Ender Dragons
Rewards:1 Dragon Egg + 10000 Coins
Dragon Fighter IVAwarded for killing 200 Ender Dragon
Rewards:3 Dragon Egg + 100000 Coins
Dragon Fighter VAwarded for killing 300 Ender Dragon
Rewards:1 Eye of Ender + 64 Bottle o' Enchanting + 300000 Coins
Dragon SlayerAwarded for crafting a diamond sword.
Rewards:400 Coins
Egyptian collectorAwarded for digging pretty much sand.
Rewards:1 Golden Shovel
Elysian Knight IKill Elysian Knight 15 Times
Rewards:10 Elysian Dungeon Stone + 10 Elysian Lit Dungeon Stone + 100 Coins
Elysian Knight IIKill Elysian Knight 30 Times
Rewards:10 Elysian Dungeon Stone Pillar + 10 Elysian Dungeon Stone Pillar Top + 10 Elysian Lit Dungeon Stone + 10 Elysian Beam Stone + 10 Elysian Dungeon Stone + 100 Coins
Elysian Loot HoarderAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Elysian Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
Enter the ElysianAwarded for conjuring several Elysian Dungeon Keys.
Rewards:8 Elysian Dungeon Stone + 1 Elysian Dungeon Key + 5000 Coins
Every day I'm shoveling!Aether dirts is something too common for you now.
Rewards:64 Aether Grass + 1 Gravitite Shovel + 1 Water Bucket + 10000 Coins
Everybody loves baconAwarded for killing 200 pigs.
Rewards:1 Furnace + 10 Coal
Eye of the tigerMaybe you should ride a pig instead.
Rewards:1 Diamond Boots + 25000 Coins
Finding Dory...Fish 50 Blue Tang
Rewards:32 Sea Lantern + 1 Blue Tang + 32 Root + 12000 Coins
Finding NemoFish 25 Clownfish
Rewards:1 Clownfish + 3 Sapphire + 1 Clownfish + 1 Blue Tang + 10 Seaweed + 20 Sea Lantern + 8000 Coins
Fire fighterAwarded for slaying a lot of fire monsters
Rewards:1 Phoenix Boots + 1 Phoenix Gloves + 1 Water Bucket
Fire fighter IIAwarded for slaying a big amount of fire monsters
Rewards:1 Phoenix Helmet + 1 Phoenix Gloves + 1 Phoenix Boots + 1 Life Shard + 35000 Coins
Fire fighter IIIAwarded for slaying a huge amount of fire monsters
Rewards:1 Wooden Hoe + 100000 Coins
Fire fighter IVOne thousand and one times. Well done!
Rewards:1 Obsidian Gloves + 1 Obsidian Chestplate + 1 Obsidian Helmet + 1 Obsidian Leggings + 1 Obsidian Boots + 1 Cloud Staff + 1 Shield of Repulsion + 1000000 Coins
FishermanYou fished a bit.. well alot...
Rewards:20 Cooked Fish
Fists of furyPunching is not always the answer
Rewards:3 Diamond
Fruit Juice!Awarded for crafting alot of juice..
Rewards:1 Lemon Juice + 1 Tomato Juice + 1 Cranberry Juice + 1 Raspberry Juice + 1 Blackberry Juice + 1 Mango Juice + 1 Peach Juice + 1 Apple Juice + 8 Coins
Get to ClassCatch 2500 Fish
Rewards:encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTGE8wcjA6pxfmlfCyMXAXJKYzsXAnpFYkpmXls/BwJKXmJvKwJFUWqyQllmcAdLC5pKYm5ieysDAAADdzg8I + 10000 Coins
Getting hot in hereDeath by LAVA!!
Rewards:1 Lava Bucket
Ghast busterAwarded for killing 300 Ghasts.
Rewards:10 Glowstone + 50000 Coins
Gibbed IIGib them all!
Rewards:50000 Coins
Gibbed IIIAwarded for being an addicted quakecraft player
Rewards:80000 Coins
Gibbed IVYou are now a quakecraft Pro!
Rewards:100000 Coins
Gibbed or not??
Rewards:5000 Coins
Gibbed VImpossible to stop you!
Rewards:1 Shield of Repulsion + 1 Hammer of Notch + 200000 Coins
Gibbed!Gib a lot of players
Rewards:50000 Coins
Global WarmingGreat! Now even this world is ruined!
Rewards:64 Oak Sapling
Glow in the darkAwarded for placing down 250 Glowstone
Rewards:1 Clock
Going for Gold!Killing a lot of Pig Zombies
Rewards:15 Block of Gold + 2000 Coins
Gold DiggerAwarded for mining 10 gold
Rewards:1 Gold Ingot
Gold Digger IIAwarded for mining 50 gold
Rewards:1 Block of Gold
Gold Digger IIIAwarded for mining 100 gold
Rewards:32 Pumpkin
Gold MasteryAwarded for mining 500 gold
Rewards:1 Golden Apple
Golden WarriorWhere are all the Pig Zombies now?
Rewards:64 Block of Gold + 7500 Coins
GoldsmenRewarded for killing most of the Pig Zombie race!
Rewards:25 Block of Gold + 5000 Coins
Happy BirthdaySit down and eat your cake!
Rewards:1 Armchair + 100 Coins
Head in the cloudsAwarded for mining a large amount of gravitite ores
Rewards:5 Enchanted Gravitite + 500 Coins
HeartlessAwarded for slaying a fellow citizen of craftland
Rewards:1 Bread
Heavenly lumberjackAwarded for cutting down a huge amount of aether trees
Rewards:1 Zanite Axe + 32 Green Skyroot Sapling
Hidden Pirates ChestFish 50 Treasure
Rewards:10 Sponge + 3 Beta + 16 Gold Nugget + 16 Gold Ingot + 1 Lightning Sword + 5000 Coins
HoarderAwarded for placing 25 chests.
Holy miner IYou begin to know how to deal with Holystone, dog!
Rewards:1 Zanite Pickaxe + 2000 Coins
Holy miner IIHolystones don't want to meet your pickaxe anymore!
Rewards:1 Gravitite Pickaxe + 64 Holystone + 5000 Coins
Holy miner IIII know you're addicted, now feel the holystone powder in your blood !
Rewards:64 Holystone + 1 Gravitite Pickaxe + 1 Zanite Ring + 10000 Coins
Holy miner IVYou're a legendary miner dog !
Rewards:64 Holystone + 1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 25000 Coins
Holy miner VYou can destroy the whole aether world all by yourself dog congratz !
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 64 Holystone + 64 Holystone + 1 Zanite Ring + 1 Zanite Pendant + 100000 Coins
Holy miner VI*head-shaking*
Rewards:5 Valkyrie Pickaxe + 32 Perfect Diamond + 1000000 Coins
Home sweet homeAwarded for going home alot of times.
Horrible sheep herderAwarded for killing 100 sheep.
I feel like we have a connectionAwarded for logging in alot of times.
Rewards:1 Cake
I'm Blueda ba dee da ba die
Rewards:1000 Coins
Ice ice babyAwarded for ''breaking the ice''
Rewards:1 Water Bucket + 30 Snowball
Illegal LoggerCutting off over 9000 trees.
Immortality on CraftlandYour soul reached an immortal state and lives on after your body dies
Rewards:1000000 Coins + group immortal + encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTHEJZWJgc0nMTUxPZWBgZGB1zi/NK2HkYmAuSUwHcpOA3BRGBgYAylsJNA==
Iron-manAwarded for mining alot of iron.
Rewards:1 Music Disc + 1000 Coins
Iron-man IIThis stuff is useful
Rewards:1 Furnace + 32 Coal + 10000 Coins
Iron-man IIIWhy would one need that much iron?
Rewards:1 Furnace + 32 Blaze Rod + 3 Perfect Diamond + 50000 Coins
It's perfect!You crafted a masterpiece!
Rewards:500 Coins
Its Getting DarkFish 50 Angler
Rewards:32 Sea Lantern + 5000 Coins
JewelerAwarded for mining 10 diamonds
Rewards:1 Diamond Shovel + 5000 Coins
Jeweler IIAwarded for mining 50 diamonds
Rewards:1 Diamond Pickaxe + 10000 Coins
Jeweler IIIAwarded for mining 150 diamonds
Rewards:1 Diamond Gloves + 20000 Coins
Jeweler IVAwarded for mining 500 diamonds
Rewards:1 Diamond Helmet + 50000 Coins
Joining the special unitCongratulations you have joined the Special Unit group.
Rewards:3 Block of Diamond + 10000 Coins + group specialunit
Just a SplashCatch 500 Fish
Rewards:encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTGE8wcjA6pxfmlfCyMXAXJKYzsXAnpFYkpmXls/BwJKXmJvKwJuWWZyRWpSbmKcAlAHpY3NJzE1MT2VgYAAAQfUREw== + 5000 Coins
Just try it! It's only Quakecraft...!This might be quite difficult
Rewards:500 Coins
KamikazeMaybe you should use a ladder next time.
Rewards:32 Ladder
Leaf the leafs aloneAwarded for destroying a huge amount of leaves.
Rewards:10 Oak Sapling
Legendary SniperAwarded for killing 150 Zephyrs
Rewards:30 Aerogel + 64 Arrow + 1 Phoenix Bow
Let there be darknessAwarded for destroying 1000 torches.
Rewards:10 Torch
Let there be lightAwarded for placing 1000 torches.
Rewards:9 Glowstone Dust
LibrarianAwarded for crafting 100 books.
Rewards:1 Armchair
Loot Hoarding Life for MeAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Pirate Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
Loving the PoisonDestroy 100 Mycena
Rewards:1 Iron Pickaxe + 32 Coal + 5 Ruby + 5 TNT + 1 Diamond
Luck of the.. Wheel?Awarded for trying your luck with the Vote Wheel!
Rewards:1 Diamond + 10000 Coins
LumberjackAwarded for destroying 10 logs
Rewards:2 Oak Wood
Lumberjack IIAwarded for destroying 100 logs
Rewards:4 Chest
Lumberjack IIIAwarded for destroying 500 logs
Rewards:64 Oak Wood Stairs
Lumberjack IVAwarded for destroying a lot of logs.
Rewards:1 Diamond Axe
Marathon RunnerAwarded for taking 50000 steps.
Master of PortalsAwarded for teleporting 250 times.
Mike Tyson fanboyAwarded for punching many MANY times.
Minecraft addictCongratulations, you are officially addicted to minecraft.
Rewards:5 Block of Diamond + 5 Block of Gold + 5 Sponge + 1 Golden Apple + 1 Cake + 50000 Coins + group addict
Minecraft BetaFish 150 Beta Fish
Rewards:10 Beta + 10 Emerald + 10 Ruby + 10 Sapphire + 100000 Coins
Minecraft MagicAwarded for being an enchanter!
Rewards:1 Enchantment Table + 500 Coins
MinecrafterAwarded for starting to mine!
Mining the unspeakableLolapa... poelalepa... zoelipa.. ehh nevermind.
MinorMinerAwarded for mining 1,000 rock.
Monster HunterAwarded for winning the Monsterhunt alot of times.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 20000 Coins
My work here is done.Taking down the worlds worst enemy.
Rewards:1 MobSpawner Creeper
MYCENA!!! (duh dun da deh duh!)Breaking your first 10 Mycena
Rewards:5 TNT + 1000 Coins
Near total extincitionAwarded for slaying a total of 50000 mobs.
Rewards:1 MobSpawner Pig + 1 Block of Diamond + 50000 Coins
Newbie Loot HoarderAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Bronze Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
NO LIFER!Congratulations, you have officially no life!
Rewards:20 Block of Diamond + 20 Block of Gold + 20 Sponge + 1 Golden Apple + 1 Cake + 1000000 Coins + group nolifer
No longer homeless!Awarded for setting your home somewhere
Rewards:1 Oak Door + 4 Glass + 1 Bed
Oh lillian!Harvest some lily pads
Rewards:1500 Coins
Ooh look a flower..Awarded for picking 50 yellow flowers.
Oooh.. Sharp and Shiny!Awarded for finding the sharp and shiny thing inside Silver Dungeons
Rewards:1 Victory Medal + 10000 Coins
PaverAwarded for placing 1,000 cobblestone.
Rewards:1 Block of Gold
Persistant minerAwarded for mining 100 Obsidian
Rewards:1 Water Bucket + 1 Lava Bucket
Pig armyAwarded for slaying alot of menacing Pigzombies.
Rewards:1 Golden Sword
Pirate Slayer IAwarded for killing the Captain 15 times
Rewards:1 Block of Gold + 15 Pirate Stone + 15 Light Pirate Stone + 2500 Coins
Pirate Slayer IIAwarded for killing the Captain 30 times
Rewards:8 Bomb + 5 Block of Gold + 30 Pirate Stone + 30 Light Pirate Stone + 12500 Coins
Play-dohAwarded for digging a big amount of clay.
Rewards:30 Coal + 1 Furnace + 30 Brick
PopularWell known in the Craftland Community
Rewards:group wellknown + 5000 Coins
Population ControlAwarded For Killing Moas!
Rewards:1 Victory Medal + 5500 Coins
Powerd by redstoneAwarded for mining a big amount of redwire.
Rewards:1 Jukebox
Professional BoxerAwarded for punching the air with your fist 1000 times.
Professional sky diggerAwarded for digging a huge amount of Aether dirt
Rewards:1 Gravitite Shovel + 64 Aether Grass + 5000 Coins
Puff in the fishFish 15 Pufferfish
Rewards:5 Sponge + 10 Cattail + 500 Coins
PVP Lord!You have killed many players.. you little ****
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 1 Bow + 64 Arrow + 10000 Coins
PyromaniaAwarded for setting things on fire
Rewards:1 Flint and Steel + 1 Netherrack
Queen of the SeaFish 50 Angel Fish
Rewards:16 Angelic Stone + 16 Pillar + 16 Pillar Top + 10 Victory Medal + 16 Sponge + 15000 Coins
Ready to ChopAwarded for crafting a diamond axe.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to DigAwarded for crafting a diamond shovel.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to MineAwarded for crafting a diamond pickaxe.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to PlantAwarded for crafting a diamond hoe.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to ShootAwarded for crafting a bow.
Rewards:50 Coins
Ready to ShopAwarded for making a lot of Shop Chests
Rewards:1 Gold Key + 1 Item Frame + 1500 Coins
RebuilderAwarded for destroying 10 cobble
Rewards:1 Stone
Rebuilder IIAwarded for destroying 100 cobble
Rewards:5 Stone
Rebuilder IIIAwarded for destroying 500 cobble
Rewards:25 Stone
Rebuilder IVAwarded for destroying a lot of cobble.
Rewards:1 Diamond Pickaxe
Reed FarmerAwarded for farming 250 reeds.
Repeat VisitAwarded for logging in five times
Rewards:3 Wheat
ReserructionAwarded for defying death.
Rewards:1 Golden Apple + 1 Cooked Porkchop
Roadworks.. almostAwarded for crafting 1,600 pieces of Concrete Powder
Rewards:32 + 16 + 1600 Coins
Ruling the End!Defeating the Ender Dragon multiple times
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Helmet + 5000 Coins
Run forest runAwarded for walking miles and miles.
Rewards:1 Golden Boots
Sand CastleAwarded for placing 200 sand blocks
Rewards:64 Sand + 64 Glass
Sea BiscuitCatch 50 Seahorses
Rewards:10 Sea Horse + 5 Seaweed + 5 Sea Bean + 32 Sea Lantern + 15000 Coins
See-ThroughAwarded for placing 500 glass cubes.
Sleeping with the fishesAwarded for drowning
Rewards:10 Raw Fish
Spicy Loot HoarderAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from the Gold Dungeon, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
Stairway to HeavenAwarded for creating 250 stone stairs
Rewards:1 Golden Apple
Stairway to HellAwarded for destroying 250 stone stairs
Rewards:1 Golden Apple
Starting OutBeginning to get a feel for Craftland
Rewards:group apprentice + 500 Coins
Stone crusherAwarded for destroying a MASSIVE amount of stone
Rewards:20000 Coins
Sugar daddyAwarded for farming alot of reed.
Rewards:2 Sugar + 3 Wheat + 3 Milk + 1 Egg
Supreme hunter of the world!The killing of a supreme amount of mobs!
Rewards:1 Creeper Head + 1 Skeleton Skull + 1 Wither Skeleton Skull + 1 Zombie Head + 1 Head + 1 Victory Medal + 100000 Coins
Survival InstinctKill 1 player in Survival Games
Rewards:25 Coins
Survival Instinct IIKill 10 players in Survival Games
Rewards:250 Coins
Survival Instinct IIIKill 25 players in Survival Games
Rewards:700 Coins
Survival Instinct IVKill 50 players in Survival Games
Rewards:1500 Coins
Survival Instinct VKill 100 players in Survival Games
Rewards:2500 Coins
Survivalist IWin 1 Survival Game!
Rewards:250 Coins
Survivalist IIWin 10 Survival Games!
Rewards:2500 Coins
Survivalist IIIWin 25 Survival Games!
Rewards:7000 Coins
Survivalist IVWin 50 Survival Games!
Rewards:15000 Coins
Take a DiveCatch 5000 Fish
Rewards:encitem eNrjYmBgYmDKTGE8wcjA6pxfmlfCyMXAXJKYzsXAnpFYkpmXls/BwJKXmJvKwFOcl1+UnZqjkJtYnA3SxuaSmJuYnsrAwAAALxwQwg== + 100000 Coins
Take a rest...No, seriously. Lie down.
Rewards:1 Bed + 1 Apple Juice
Take to the Skies!Awarded for crafting a Gravitite Beacon!
Rewards:1 Feather + 1000 Coins
Taming the crowdAwarded for killing 800 Pig Zombies
Rewards:1 Golden Sword + 5 Block of Gold + 500 Coins
The Bounty HunterAwarded for retrieving atleast 1 of every piece of loot from Monster Hunt, and claiming your reward at the Loot Hoarder!
The Bricks that Run RedAwarded for crafting 256 of the very red nether brick.
Rewards:1 Nether Rune + 1250 Coins
The end is near!Mine a ton of end stone!
Rewards:1 Dragon Egg + 30000 Coins
The FarmerYou have collected a lot of seeds and wheat!
Rewards:1 Diamond Hoe + 64 Wheat
The floating island devourerAwarded for completely destroying the Aether's surface!
Rewards:1 Valkyrie Shovel + 1 Valkyrie Lance + 1 Valkyrie Axe + 25000 Coins
The forbidden fruitAwarded for crafting 1 golden apple.
Rewards:50 Coins
The handymanAwarded for making several workbenches.
Rewards:20 Bricks + 20 Oak Wood Planks
The healing stoneAwarded for mining a good amount of Ambrosium
Rewards:10 Healing Stone
The Minecraft-whispererAwarded for whispering too much, you sneaky bastard.
The Orb of SoulsHarvest 10 Aether Orbs
Rewards:1 Broken Key + 3 Aether Orb + 1 Skyberry
The perfect gentlemanAwarded for being a real gentleman.
Rewards:1 Apple
The sky is the limitAwarded for killing a few of those pushy zephyr's
Rewards:15 Cold Aercloud + 10 Aerogel + 5 Cloud Parachute
The supreme crafterAwarded for creating a ridiculous amount of blocks
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 1 Diamond Shovel + 1 Diamond Pickaxe + 50000 Coins
The supreme minerAwarded for destroying a ridiculous amount of blocks.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 1 Diamond Shovel + 1 Diamond Pickaxe + 50000 Coins
There's an issue with the circuitAh, there we go.
Rewards:64 Redstone
ThrillerAwarded for killing a good amount of zombies.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword
Tough as rockAwarded for mining a massive amount of stone.
Rewards:1 Diamond Pickaxe + 1 Block of Diamond + 25000 Coins
Treasure ChestFish Treasure 15 Times!
Rewards:10 Sponge + 600 Coins
TreehuggerAwarded for planting alot of trees.
Rewards:1 Diamond Axe + 10 Dandelion + 10 Poppy
Try hard, never dieAwarded for mining a huge amount of Ambrosium
Rewards:10 Healing Stone + 1 Enchanter + 25 Ambrosium Shard + 15 Holystone
Ultimate hunterAwarded for slaying a total of 25000 mobs.
Rewards:1 Bow + 25000 Coins
Ultimate monster hunterAwarded for winning the famous monster hunt a huge amount of times
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 20000 Coins
Ultimate voterVote 200 times!
Rewards:40000 Coins
Unstoppable Force vs Unmoveable ObjectAwarded for mining 10 obsidian.
Veteran minerAwarded for destroying 10000 stone.
Rewards:1 Diamond Pickaxe
We have a winner!Win quake craft a lot!
Rewards:1 Hammer of Notch
Welcome VisitAwarded for logging in for the first time
Rewards:1 Stone Sword + 1 Stone Axe
Wheat FarmerAwarded for farming Wheat
Where's your bow now?Awarded for killing a good amount of skeletons.
Rewards:1 Bow
Wood CrafterWhoa! You made 2500 Wood Blocks
Working at the chicken butcheryAwarded for slaughting 100 chicken.
Rewards:5 Egg
World ChampionAwarded for punching a lot.
Rewards:1 Victory Medal + 1 Phoenix Gloves
Your first voteVote 1 time
Rewards:500 Coins
Zanite sweet zaniteAwarded for mining a great amount of zanite ores
Rewards:5 Zanite Block + 1 Zanite Pickaxe
Zero GravityAwarded for mining a huge amount of gravitite ores
Rewards:10 Enchanted Gravitite + 10000 Coins
Zombie apocalypse survivorAwarded for killing 10.000 Zombies.
Rewards:1 Diamond Sword + 20000 Coins