How To Join
  • Download the Craftland Launcher, It will automatically install everything for you
  • Once the game started click "Connect to Craftland", It will give you a registration link
  • After signing up using that link you can fully enjoy the game


If you have any problems click "chat" and someone will try to assist you.

Server Rules

  1. No Spamming, Griefing or Stealing.
  2. Use common sense.
  3. Don't kill other players (only if you agree to fight in a PvP arena.)
  4. If the owner of a territory/building asks you to leave you must leave.
  5. Respect others buildings/territory rules.
  6. Don't create public warps that kill people. (Includes getting people to TP to you)
  7. Don't exploit bugs/glitches, report them instead.
  8. Don't lock anything that is not yours.
  9. NO drop parties.
  10. Don't beg for items or money.
  11. NO inappropriate paintings or links.
  12. NO X-Ray glitches.
  13. Listen to Mods and Admins! (And helpers for chat infractions)
  14. Don't sell items for real life money

Chat Rules

Respect Other players. Do not target players, or groups of players insulting them on the basis of sexualty, race, gender, political views, etc. Do not directly communicate with any other player if your sole intention is to bother them. Self-defence is not a justification to break this rule, if you feel someone has harassed you report it to an online Mod or Admin and drop the conversation, do not try to fight back, staff will handle the situation.

Do not abuse CAPS. Excessive use of caps is just annoying, you can use them where grammatically appropriate, when saying acronyms or proper names (i.e. I, LOL, mIRC, XD, :P, NASA). You are not allowed to use caps when they are excessive or annoying. (i.e. BUY STUFF from my shop, F*** OFF, I WON THE ARENA!) You are allowed to use caps in moderation (“Hey guys, come on down to my new shop for a wide variety of items. We also provide FREE repairs on all tools sold!”).

Do not spam the chat. If you did not get a response to your first message wait some time before repeating the message. Do not send large amounts of repeated characters in chat (i.e. nooooooooooo). Do not post links to external sites for the purpose of advertising. 

Be mindful of your swearing. Minor swear words are allowed (i.e. wtf, shit, fuck) as long as they are not used excessive or to annoy others. Saying fully censored words is okay (i.e. **** instead of a 4 letter curse word) as long as they are not used to harass or annoy another player (i.e. **** you, XYXY player!).

No Inappropriate links/images. There are some kids on the server, do not post any derogatory, offensive, overly sexual or pornographic material. It does not matter if it's in private or public, or even on the forums; it has no place on Craftland.