Your first vote
Wheat Farmer
Welcome Visit
Veteran miner
Unstoppable Force vs Unmoveable Object
Tough as rock
There's an issue with the circuit
The supreme miner
The perfect gentleman
The Minecraft-whisperer
The handyman
The forbidden fruit
The floating island devourer
Taming the crowd
Stone crusher
Stairway to Heaven
Run forest run
Repeat Visit
Rebuilder III
Rebuilder II
Ready to Shop
Ready to Plant
Ready to Mine
Ready to Dig
Professional sky digger
Professional Boxer
Powerd by redstone
Pig army
Ooh look a flower..
No longer homeless!
Mining the unspeakable
Master of Portals
Marathon Runner
Lumberjack III
Lumberjack II
Joining the special unit
Jeweler IV
Jeweler III
Jeweler II
I'm Blue
I feel like we have a connection
Holy miner IV
Holy miner III
Holy miner II
Holy miner I
Gold Mastery
Gold Digger III
Gold Digger II
Gold Digger
Going for Gold!
Glow in the dark
Fire Fighter II
Fire Fighter I
Eye of the tiger
Every day I'm shoveling!
Egyptian collector
Dragon Fighter I
Digging the Aether!
Diamond Mastery
Demolition man
Creepers creeper
Coal miner
Close encounter with netherworld
Celestial Knight III
Celestial Knight II
Celestial knight
Caught red handed!
Cant... Stop.. voting...
Bronze knight I
Bounty hunter
Boss Killer II
Boss Killer I
Bling Bling!
A slimy situation