How To Join
  • Download the Craftland Launcher, it will automatically install everything for you
  • Once the game started click "Connect to Craftland".
  • Once connected, we recommend you register by typing "/register", giving you access to our forums, a website account, and many other useful features.

If you have any problems click "chat" and someone will try to assist you.
By connecting to you agree to the rules, disclaimers and policies specified below.

Server Rules

1. Don't Grief or Steal from other Players. This rule is fairly self-explanatory, no one enjoys their stuff being stolen or used without permission. This rule includes both regioned and unregioned player-made structures, containers, grinders, farms, mobs, villager trades etc. This rule can be ignored when in the Nether. This rule also extends to trying to region/protect things that don't belong to you. Don't do it.

2. Don't kill other Players in non-PVP Zones. No one enjoys being killed by players in a non-PVP (non player vs player) zone. Please refrain from using harmful potions in public zones, creating death warps (even in PVP Zones!), traps etc. that could possibly lead to the death of players.

3. Listen to Region owners and respect the rules of their area. For example; If a player asks for you to stop making warps around their area, to stop killing mobs or to simply leave. Do it. Additionally, If you're blacklisted from a warp in a specific region, that clearly means you're not meant to be there.

  • Note: There is a /warp blacklist function that can assist with preventing specific players from entering your regions via public warps, however, please bare in mind that blacklists can be circumvented via alternate accounts and other methods, and thus, we do not encourage the use nor enforce the circumvention of the blacklist system and highly suggest players work out grievances with each other in private.

4. Don't exploit Bugs or Glitches! Report them instead. You can report these things to a member of staff via Private Messaging, by using the /bugs command in-game or here!

5. Don't host Drop Parties or give players items that defeat the purpose of playing the game. Most players will try to enjoy a game. You have every right to give a couple early game items to newer users, but don't give them overpowered or late-game items that defeat the whole point in trying to progress on Craftland.

6. Don't beg for items, money, ranks etc. Players get their items through time and effort. No one likes a chat filled with beggars, work for your items. Besides, it far more satisfying when you finally obtain a late-game item by yourself!

7. Don't offer virtual items, currency or accounts for real life cash. It's bad enough when players potentially get scammed with virtual currency. So, whether you're trustworthy or not, we'd rather not have players selling virtual items for real cash.

8. Don't create/place inappropriate items, signs, paintings, links etc. Craftland is an all-ages community, so content such as drug use or those of sexual nature are not permitted.

9. Don't AFK Grind or use third party modifications/applications. AFK Grinding is the act of obtaining stuff (Playtime, EXP, Money, Items etc.) by using a machine such as a mob grinder while not actually playing the game yourself. Any machine with the intent to prevent the player from going AFK will be destroyed when found. Furthermore, third party applications (such as auto-clickers) or modifications (such as x-ray, x-ray resource packs, flight hacks etc.) are not permitted on Craftland. We'd rather every player had an equal shot at everything.

10. Don't use additional accounts to load chunks or gain advantages in Small Events and Mini Games. For example; using alternate accounts to gain rewards from Arena and Gold Rush while you're already earning rewards on another account is not permitted. Additionally, the act of using alternate accounts to grind kills in Mini Games such as Quake or Survival Games is also not permitted.

11. Don't intervene with Punishments. If someone happens to get warned, muted or banned - don't intervene or start flooding global chat about the people involved. Cases should only involve the player(s) punished and the Craftland Staff Team. However, if you have concerns about how the case is handled or helpful information regarding the case, please Privately Message the Staff Members involved, or an Administrator.

12. Listen to Staff. Don't start a fight, don't attempt to outsmart, just be respectful and listen. If you feel that somebody is abusing their authority as a staff member, please report it to an Administrator.

13. Use Common Sense. The Craftland Staff Team has explicit discretion to apply their judgement on this as they see fit.

Chat Rules

Respect Other players. Do not target players, or groups of players insulting them on the basis of sexualty, race, gender, political views, etc. Do not directly communicate with any other player if your sole intention is to bother them. Self-defence is not a justification to break this rule, if you feel someone has harassed you report it to an online Mod or Admin and drop the conversation, do not try to fight back, staff will handle the situation.

Do not abuse CAPS. Excessive use of caps is just annoying, you can use them where grammatically appropriate, when saying acronyms or proper names (i.e. I, LOL, mIRC, XD, :P, NASA). You are not allowed to use caps when they are excessive or annoying. (i.e. BUY STUFF from my shop, F*** OFF, I WON THE ARENA!) You are allowed to use caps in moderation (Hey guys, come on down to my new shop for a wide variety of items. We also provide FREE repairs on all tools sold!).

Do not spam the chat. If you did not get a response to your first message wait some time before repeating the message. Do not send large amounts of repeated characters in chat (i.e. nooooooooooo). Do not post links to external sites for the purpose of advertising. Do not excessively use colors.

Be mindful of your swearing. Minor swear words are allowed (i.e. wtf, shit, fuck) as long as they are not used excessive or to annoy others. Saying fully censored words is okay (i.e. **** instead of a 4 letter curse word) as long as they are not used to harass or annoy another player (i.e. **** you, XYXY player!). Overall, there may be kids on the server, please keep it appropriate, and so:

No Inappropriate content(links, images, etc.). There are some kids on the server, do not post any derogatory, offensive, overly sexual or pornographic material. It does not matter if it's in private or public, or even on the forums; it has no place on Craftland.

English in Global unless stated otherwise. Most of our players and staff are natively English and we would greatly appreciate it if everybody used English in global chat, and use the designated language channels otherwise. Ignoring this rule may result in warns and/or mutes.


Breaking or refusing to follow any of these rules will result in punishment to the relating account in the form of warns, mutes, bans and possibly even harsher things.

The length of distributed punishments will attempt to be determined on the amount of past infringements, expected knowledge on the rules and severity of the infringement. The duration of punishments are not going to be the same every time for every player. This, again, could be due to the factors previously mentioned, or due to the discretion of the Staff Member currently handling the situation.

If after several infringements you choose to continue breaking rules, there's a chance that your account, and any alternate accounts, may be permanently banned from the Craftland server.

Donation Disclaimer reserves the right to make any changes it feels necessary to any item, spawner, skin, unban, or feature (perks) sold on its website. This includes purchases made via special offers, credits, or private donations. Any changes made to these listed items will not necessarily be communicated to the purchasing individuals prior to their implementation, nor will approval from the purchasing parties be required. In the case of buying unbans, the individual can still be banned from after returning. and its owner (Michael Hept) are not responsible for refunding or replacing items that the individual is unhappy with, nor any item lost, except in the case of a logged, replicable glitch. reserves the right to add, remove, or modify the above Donation Disclaimer at any time.