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    Easter Event 2022
    Sun Apr 17, 2022 9:26 am
    by Cody
    An Easter Event has been released at /warp easter2022 collect as many eggs as possible, who can reach 10k first?
    Patchnotes 9.61
    Tue Apr 6, 2021 1:29 am
    An Easter Event has been released at /easter (Event is now over)!

    + Added Easter Event 2021
    + Added an Artifact Slot to the Garderobe (Skin Inventory)!
    + Added a rare "True Goldrush" event that can occasionally occur in place of a regular Goldrush with a different and more valuable loot table. Additionally, Coins earned are multiplied by 5.
    + Added "Red Bird Ring", obtainable via the Easter Event and transforms the wearer into a Red Bird!
    + Added lore to every morph ring that tells the player which creature they morph into.

    Bug Fixes
    * Fixed being able to re-enchant items after being enchanted.
    Patchnotes 9.6 - More Wood Things, Settings Updates, Backend Changes..
    Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:08 pm

    Hey again! It's been quite some time since the last update and we greatly appreciate the patience you all have shown for us during a bit of a down period for most of the dev team. We assure that we're not dead!

    + Added "Craftland Edition" text to the Main Menu title!
    + Added new Main Menu Panoramas and updated their quality.
    + Added a new "foggy woggy" - pig, to the Mining World and purple fog to the end.
    + Added Pink Slime Blocks.
    + Added "Blacklist" to the Edit Warp GUI.
    + Added NPC Spawn Eggs to the Creative GUI.
    + Added Tooltips when hovering over Potion Effects in the Inventory.
    + Added the ability to craft the Basalt Slab...
    Platinum Store Changes
    Wed Dec 30, 2020 6:10 am
    Hey all! There's been a few adjustments to the Platinum Store! There will be more adjustments coming in the future!

    New Items
    + Added "Hat: applehat" for 50 Platinum.
    + Added "Hat: soda top" for 50 Platinum.
    + Added "Elysian Dungeon Key" for 15 Platinum.
    + Added "Pirate Dungeon Key" for 30 Platinum.
    + Added "Rosalina's Trial Luma" wings for 300 Platinum.
    + Added the Rosalina Skin Set for 250 Platinum.
    4th January
    + Added "4x Sponge" for 8 Platinum.
    + Added "Plasma Aercloud" for 6 Platinum.
    + Added Directional Aerclouds for 3 Platinum.
    + Added "Dark Aercloud" for 2 Platinum.
    + Added "4x Strawberries" for 5 Platinum.

    Price Changes
    * Yggdrassil Wings and...
    Patchnotes 9.5 - Loom Recipes, Tool Changes & Iron Wool
    Thu Aug 27, 2020 7:31 pm
    Ahaha... It's been a while.. Hey guys ._.

    + Added an absolute ton of Loom Recipes.
    + Added an "Enderpearls" region flag which can block the usage of pearls being used to enter/leave the region.
    + Added the ability to shift click within NPC GUI's (both for trading and equipping items).
    + Added Bookcases.
    + Added Ironwool.
    + Added the ability to chisel, using a Hammer, Ironwool and Concrete for more block textures!
    + Added the ability to un-dye wool in a water-filled cauldron.
    + Added a Staff Icon next to staff member's names in the Chat Tab. Additionally, AFK players go translucent.
    + Added scroll buttons to fishing gui