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    Patchnotes 9.04 - Bouncy Beds, Bug Fixes and Quality of Life additions
    Sat Nov 9, 2019 7:30 am
    by Beandon
    Woah, another patch! But what's it called? Patch.. uh.. hmm.. Let's just call it 9.04! Here are the patchnotes!

    Crows Hallow - Carnival Extension!
    The carnival is in town! Check out the brand new quests, daily quests and traders at Crows Hallow!
    Get your ticket at /warp Mr Murdercrows Masterpiece!

    + When re-spawning or using /return, players are now granted 10 seconds of God Mode!
    + Blast Furnaces can now smelt clay, netherrack, cobblestone and sand.
    + Cookers now return glass bottles when filling up with water.
    + Players can now warp out of dungeons!
    + Added bouncy beds!
    + Added Hellfire Glowstone!
    + Added the "Celestial" Name Tag.
    + Added the /relog command. This is simply a shortcut to [ESC] -> Reconnect.
    + Added the /fishtime command (Also known as /isitmiddayyet).
    + Added the /fastfilterpaste command. Similar to /fasthoppertoggle, this command allows you to right click a hopper, boosted hopper or hopper duct and paste your currently copied filter.
    + Updated,...
    Patchnotes 9.0 - Bang, Bash, Bob n' Bind
    Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:50 pm
    by Beandon
    Ah boy.. This is a long one. If you're planning on reading this, I suggest you get yourself a drink and maybe some popcorn. Here are the patchnotes for Update 9.0 (Also known as Update 4B).
    Let's start with noting some big things..
    * The amount of damage taken from a damage source is no longer reduced with a simple "Protection" value (with a slight bonus when using Fire/Projectile protection respectively), but is now reduced based on the amount of specific protection you have against that damage type. For example; Fire Protection will protect you from all sorts of fire damage, but will have absolutely zero effect against melee damage.

    * With the removal...
    Patchnotes 8.9 - The Pre-Big Update (Summer Event, Vote Change, Effects etc)!
    Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:58 pm
    by Beandon
    Hey guys, it's been a little while since our last patch, but please don't kill us! We have some big things planned.. But for the moment, here are the patchnotes for update 8.9!

    Mini Summer Event
    A mini summer event has been released! You can get there by using the portal in the Event Corner at spawn or by using the /summer command! This Event has a custom VoteWheel table and a slightly different take on how to obtain rewards compared to normal.

    * This Event includes 3 quests that you can complete daily.
    * Completing Quests will reward you with Frozen Popsicles, which can be used for trade or at the Summer NPC.
    * This Event has 2 exclusive...
    Minecraft Forum Posts?
    Tue Aug 6, 2019 1:41 am
    by pig001
    Recently (January) Minecraft forums owner Curse was sold by Twitch to Fandom, and in the process a lot of old accounts posts have been removed, not going into the exact details, our old posts from years ago were removed.

    As such, we've created a new post!

    Give us a like, and let us know your favourite feature in the comments!

    https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/s ... ed-in-2011

    Also let me know of anything its missing or should be added, or any possible spelling mistakes!
    Help Wanted!
    Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:20 am
    by pig001

    - Know any good places we could advertise?
    - Know of a way we could get donations up and running again without having to deal with legal issues?
    - Know how to make a good looking banner?
    - Know how to make a mean looking texture?
    - Got an idea for a cool "micro event"?
    - Good at testing stuff out and finding issues?
    - Have skills in writing social media posts?
    - Know an angle of advertising we havent thought about yet?
    - Know a minecraft playing twitch streamer who may be interested in playing?
    - Even know of a friend whos just getting into minecraft and wants a good server idea?

    So, as many people can see the player counts as per usual are dropping...