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    Patchnotes 8.77 - Easter VoteWheel, Flux Altar Changes, Bug Fixes
    Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:06 pm
    by Beandon
    Mini Serverside Patch (21/04/2019)
    * Fixed disenchant value for Tourmaline and Tourmaline equipment.
    * Nerfed disenchant value for Citrine Hanging Lights.
    * Fixed a serious problem with the Flux Altar.
    * Easter - No longer spams Global.
    * Easter - Broadcasts have more colour to them, when they do happen.
    * Easter - Can no longer obtain rare loot from Egg Bugs if you're not assigned the "Kill Egg Bugs" task.
    * Easter - "Find Eggs" task can no longer give out rare egg tasks. Additionally, the normal egg requirement has been changed from 0-5 to 5-25.
    * Easter - Golden eggs are now rarer.


    Welcome to the patchnotes for version 8.77! These patchnotes come at a small fee of: all of your chocolate easter eggs. Not joking by the way.

    + Added the Easter VoteWheel (Easter Event coming soon)!
    - For this event only, the rare item appearance bonus has been increased by 200%!
    + Added the Flux Amulet (Bonus protection based on Flux...
    Late Patchnotes for 8.763-8.765
    Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:51 pm
    by Beandon
    Apologies for the delay of these Patchnotes, we're running low on funds in the patchnote writing department, please donate 2 coins today...

    + Added Wither Skeleton Spawners to the loot table of Supply Crates (and Christmas Crackers).
    + Added St Patricks Wheel and Event area.

    Other Stuffs
    * Mining world has been reset.
    * Pandas now breed using Bamboo instead of Wheat.
    * Mobs are no longer greedy when mating (can't accidentally give them 50 wheat during 1 mating session)
    * Item Frames within Minigames now break from Indirect damage.
    * World Borders no longer expand.
    * Changed Pet Rock item tooltip.
    * Small performance improvements and bug fixes.
    Patchnotes 8.762
    Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:48 pm
    Mining world has been reset

    + Added random Quakecraft prizes. Requires more than 10 players online
    + Added new vanilla pane model. Only for stained glass panes

    Fixed / Improvements
    ~ Fixed some incorrect rewards on the Votewheel
    ~ Fixed some missing translations for items on the server side
    ~ Fixed missing carpenters block names
    Valentines Event
    Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:31 am
    by Beandon
    The new Valentine's Event has been released! You can warp there by using the /valentines command or via the portal at /spawn!

    Complete the main story for cool rewards and go hunt for lost potions - or just relax under the blooming cherry trees!
    Explore the new world and discover even more!

    Rewards include:
    ♡ Queen of Hearts set & Aurora set
    ♡ Exclusive Cupid Skins
    ♡ Candy Hearts
    ♡ Valentine's Recolours

    More information about the event will be added to the wiki in the near future!

    "Don't be a pringle, come out to mingle ;)" - Lavender
    Patchnotes 8.76
    Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:16 pm
    + Added vanilla flymode (checkbox in controls screen or /flymode)
    + Added Carpenter Blocks to creative: Stairs, Slabs, Pillars, Sideways slabs, Overlays
    + It's the Year of the Pig: New votewheel rewards were added!

    > Spider Skulls are a "rare drop" now so Looting will make them drop more often
    > Gravite swords now have +2 reach, removed its rightclick ability
    > Zanite swords now have +1 reach
    > The RNG-Pig no longer modifies redstone blocks. It's harmless now
    > Made super bosses more likely
    > Item frames can no longer be broken with indirect attacks (arrows / notchhammers)
    > Removed all rewards from pet-rocks and pet-eggs

    Fixed /...