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    Second Chance Island update!
    Mon Feb 13, 2023 3:25 pm
    by Cody
    After 11 years on craftland, and a long eventless year. we've decided to adjust the concept of the second chance market!

    For this next version, everyone is invited to trade their old event currencies into second chance coins. Be it skulls, candy, presents or easter eggs, there's a trade for everything! (There are still gem trades and coins obtained from dungeons, arena and monsterhunt for newer players)
    Additionally, as a novelty there will be some very useful items besides a ton of old and new cosmetics available for trade, and many more, all of these come at an appropriate price.
    Therefore, wait no longer and earn as many coins as you can, to use them in the trades we prepared for you!

    By the way, for any bored people amongst you, there is a small gambling feature with beer included.

    Special thanks to Lagius, this wouldn't have happened without him!
    Easter Event 2022
    Sun Apr 17, 2022 9:26 am
    by Cody
    An Easter Event has been released at /warp easter2022 collect as many eggs as possible, who can reach 10k first?
    Patchnotes 9.61
    Tue Apr 6, 2021 1:29 am
    by Mogubea
    An Easter Event has been released at /easter (Event is now over)!

    + Added Easter Event 2021
    + Added an Artifact Slot to the Garderobe (Skin Inventory)!
    + Added a rare "True Goldrush" event that can occasionally occur in place of a regular Goldrush with a different and more valuable loot table. Additionally, Coins earned are multiplied by 5.
    + Added "Red Bird Ring", obtainable via the Easter Event and transforms the wearer into a Red Bird!
    + Added lore to every morph ring that tells the player which creature they morph into.

    Bug Fixes
    * Fixed being able to re-enchant items after being enchanted.
    Patchnotes 9.6 - More Wood Things, Settings Updates, Backend Changes..
    Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:08 pm
    by Mogubea

    Hey again! It's been quite some time since the last update and we greatly appreciate the patience you all have shown for us during a bit of a down period for most of the dev team. We assure that we're not dead!

    + Added "Craftland Edition" text to the Main Menu title!
    + Added new Main Menu Panoramas and updated their quality.
    + Added a new "foggy woggy" - pig, to the Mining World and purple fog to the end.
    + Added Pink Slime Blocks.
    + Added "Blacklist" to the Edit Warp GUI.
    + Added NPC Spawn Eggs to the Creative GUI.
    + Added Tooltips when hovering over Potion Effects in the Inventory.
    + Added the ability to craft the Basalt Slab...
    Platinum Store Changes
    Wed Dec 30, 2020 6:10 am
    by Mogubea
    Hey all! There's been a few adjustments to the Platinum Store! There will be more adjustments coming in the future!

    New Items
    + Added "Hat: applehat" for 50 Platinum.
    + Added "Hat: soda top" for 50 Platinum.
    + Added "Elysian Dungeon Key" for 15 Platinum.
    + Added "Pirate Dungeon Key" for 30 Platinum.
    + Added "Rosalina's Trial Luma" wings for 300 Platinum.
    + Added the Rosalina Skin Set for 250 Platinum.
    4th January
    + Added "4x Sponge" for 8 Platinum.
    + Added "Plasma Aercloud" for 6 Platinum.
    + Added Directional Aerclouds for 3 Platinum.
    + Added "Dark Aercloud" for 2 Platinum.
    + Added "4x Strawberries" for 5 Platinum.

    Price Changes
    * Yggdrassil Wings and...