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    Patchnotes 9.1 - Cats, Doors, Fixes and Additions!
    Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:23 pm
    by Beandon
    Huzzah, we've reached the next version of Craftland! Version 9.1! Here are the patchnotes!
    Also, thanks alot to Recontrex, Caity, Lisa and a private donator for donating to my Ko-Fi page, it means alot! ;)


    + Added the 8 new Vanilla cat variants (Plus an exclusive Blue cat variant)!
    + Added 8 kinds of Fruit Doors! (Apple, Pear, Plum, Lemon, Peach, Cherry, Mango and Kiwi)!
    + Added Skyroot Doors (Craftable using 6 Skyroot Planks)!
    + Added Skyroot Chests (Craftable using 8 Skyroot Planks)!
    + Added Grass Paths (Created by right clicking Grass, Aether Grass or Shadow Grass with a Shovel)!
    + Added the "Kaleidoscopic Shine" legendary hat effect!
    + Added the "Enchanted Nature Staff". This is an upgraded version of the Nature Staff and can affect a large radius of sitting/following entities rather than just one (Craftable in the Enchanter).
    + Added the ability to search for effects in the Player Shop GUI!
    + Added reward announcements for Silver and Gold Dungeons!
    Patchnotes 9.012 - More Xmas Loot, Display Cases and Flower Dyes!
    Mon Dec 16, 2019 1:59 am
    by Beandon
    Yes. We skipped like 6 versions... It's fine!!! Here are the patchnotes for version 9.012! Woo!

    + Added the ability to right click Display Cases with wool to change their wool color.
    + Added the ability to shear "wool'd" Display Cases to remove their wool.
    + Added the ability to craft 19 variants of useless flowers into dyes!

    * Revenant Ring now grants 8% Other Protection rather than 5%!
    * Revenant Ring now reduces maximum healing by 6 rather than 5!
    * Revenant Ring's durability has been increased from 200 to 250!
    * Revenant Greataxe now has a chance to chop off an undead monster's head (This chance increases based on...
    Mini-Patchnotes 9.06 - Xmas Event & Small Bits
    Mon Dec 2, 2019 2:11 am
    by Beandon
    The Xmas 2019 Event is now released!!!
    You can get there by using the /xmas command in-game!

    Mini patch notes!
    Changes & Fixes
    * I destroyed Quake Craft Reward announcements.
    * You can now use Elysian, Forest etc. Lit and Non Lit dungeon stones in Bridges!
    * Fixed messages automatically being made lowercase when talking in a GameWorld channel.
    * Mining game logic was changed a bit to hopefully prevent any future.. 'incidents'.

    Mini-Patchnotes (03/12/2019)
    * Fixed snowflake arrow in Xmas 2019.
    * Fixed Toki unlock requirement: 31 -> 30 quests in Xmas 2019.
    * Fixed a NullPointer in Gold Rush.
    * Fish Found now displays on the Xmas 2019...
    Patchnotes 9.05 - Holiday Banners, Bridges, Weapon Changes & Bug Fixes!
    Sun Dec 1, 2019 2:36 am
    by Beandon
    Hope everyone is having an awesome Winter! I am. I never get to see the sun since I wake up at 5pm.. Patchnotes 9.05! Woo!

    The Xmas event will be out tomorrow, after another patch, while a few things are finished up!
    However, the Advent Calendar is released!

    + Added the Snow Globe.
    + Added the Golden Snow Globe.
    + Added a 6th kind of present; Celestial.
    + Added an item value to Hissing Hat, Revenant Remnant and Valkyrie Plates (this makes it possible to obtain them in Supply Crates and Christmas Crackers).
    + Added the ability to remove yourself from invited warps via the Warps GUI or /warp uninviteself <name>.
    + Added 40+ new possible fishing...
    Patchnotes 9.04 - Bouncy Beds, Bug Fixes and Quality of Life additions
    Sat Nov 9, 2019 7:30 am
    by Beandon
    Woah, another patch! But what's it called? Patch.. uh.. hmm.. Let's just call it 9.04! Here are the patchnotes!

    Crows Hallow - Carnival Extension!
    The carnival is in town! Check out the brand new quests, daily quests and traders at Crows Hallow!
    Get your ticket at /warp Mr Murdercrows Masterpiece!

    + When re-spawning or using /return, players are now granted 10 seconds of God Mode!
    + Blast Furnaces can now smelt clay, netherrack, cobblestone and sand.
    + Cookers now return glass bottles when filling up with water.
    + Players can now warp out of dungeons!
    + Added bouncy beds!
    + Added Hellfire Glowstone!
    + Added the "Celestial" Name...