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    Patchnotes 9.5 - Loom Recipes, Tool Changes & Iron Wool
    Thu Aug 27, 2020 7:31 pm
    by Beandon
    Ahaha... It's been a while.. Hey guys ._.

    + Added an absolute ton of Loom Recipes.
    + Added an "Enderpearls" region flag which can block the usage of pearls being used to enter/leave the region.
    + Added the ability to shift click within NPC GUI's (both for trading and equipping items).
    + Added Bookcases.
    + Added Ironwool.
    + Added the ability to chisel, using a Hammer, Ironwool and Concrete for more block textures!
    + Added the ability to un-dye wool in a water-filled cauldron.
    + Added a Staff Icon next to staff member's names in the Chat Tab. Additionally, AFK players go translucent.
    + Added scroll buttons to fishing gui

    * The World Guard/Regions GUI screen now has extensive information on each flag when hovering over them. Additionally, the selection boxes for each flag shows a little more information to help people better understand the settings.
    * The Crafting Helper in the Inventory has been updated to include a textbox.
    * Pickaxes have reduced...
    Rule Update!
    Thu May 7, 2020 1:11 am
    by Beandon
    Hey, we've gone ahead and updated the Rules for the Craftland Server; Check them out here: https://craftland.org/faq!
    Patchnotes 9.4 - Platinum, Quests Rework + Easter Event!
    Sun Apr 12, 2020 5:24 am
    by Beandon
    Woo! Another big patch with loads to read!
    (Special thanks to Recontrex, Nox and devinhamster for donating to my Ko-Fi after last patch! It really does mean a lot! :thumbsup:)

    Easter 2020 Event!
    Yipee! There is a light amongst the darkness. It's another event with things for players to do and exclusive goodies for players to collect! As usual, larger events like these will be lasting a month!

    You can access the Easter event via the /event corner at spawn, or by using /easter in-game!
    This event was made by Saya and yours truly, with the skins being provided by Lisa and Caity!

    Platinum System + Platinum Store
    With the soon-to-be removed...
    Patchnotes 9.3 - St. Patricks, Ender Pearl Changes + Bug Fixes
    Wed Mar 11, 2020 2:13 am
    by Beandon
    St. Patricks 2020 Event!
    Woo! A new event! This event consists of 5 daily quests to choose from (of which you can do 3 each day) with plenty of new skin rewards. This event has a few new smaller mechanics that I'm trying alongside 3 new exclusive fish!

    This smallish event will last 2 weeks.
    You can access the event via the /event corner at spawn, or by using /stpatricks in-game!

    + Added a new NPC to spawn which allows players to exchange their unused Aether Loot Keys for loot!
    + Added the Clipping Enchantment, can only be applied to Shears at a max of level 2.
    + Event NPC's now play a villager noise when being spoken to.
    + NPC's can now have...
    Patchnotes 9.24 - Bees, for real this time + Valentines!
    Sat Feb 15, 2020 7:54 am
    by Beandon
    Woo! Fixes! Valentines! Beeeeees!

    + Bees have been re-enabled!
    + Valentines Event 2020! Access it by using /warp valentines
    + Added a swinging animation when opening a Loot Bag.
    + Added the Cherry Blossom Name Tag.
    + Added Cherry Blossoms.
    + Added 2 new achievements! One relating to Valentines, one relating to the new Enderman boss!

    Bug Fixes
    * Fixed a logic error with Bee Hives when harvesting Honeycombs.
    * Fixed Golems not absorbing the ingot/gem used when repairing them.
    * Fixed being able to access the Celestial Name Tag when it should've been the Gold Rush Name Tag.
    * Fixed being unable to set an McMMO cape despite being level...